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Question;Attached all 75 questionsQuestion 1(2 points);Which of;the following is a primary disadvantage of viral marketing?;Question;1 options;1);The costs;of viral marketing are too high for most companies.;2);The brand;associated with the viral message is usually forgotten.;3);Marketers have little control over;who receives the viral message.;4);Viral;messages are less likely to be viewed than other types of online;promotions.;5);Viral;messages are blocked by most search engines.;Save;Question 2(2;points);In CRM;findings about customers discovered through ________ techniques often lead to;marketing opportunities.;Question;2 options;1);value;marketing;2);data mining;3);test;marketing;4);neuromarketing;5);serial;processing;Save;Question 3(2;points);It is;most accurate to say that successful niche marketing relies on a firm's;and its ________.;Question;3 options;1);marketing;strategy, services;2);individual;relationships with customers, positioning;3);superior;products, value network partners;4);greater knowledge of customers;needs, special reputation;5);competitive;advantage in comparison to mass-market companies, affordable pricing;Save;Question 4(2 points);Which of;the following is true of the U.S. age demographics?;Question;4 options;1);The;Millennial generation accounts for nearly half of all the discretionary;consumer spending in the U.S.;2);The Generation Xers are the most;educated section of the population.;3);The baby;boomers are the poorest segment of the population.;4);The Generation;Xers form the largest segment of the population.;5);The;Millennials are the most financially secure segment of the population.;Save;Question 5(2;points);As a;result of the great success of corporate chains, many independent stores chose;to band together in one of two forms of contractual associations: a voluntary;chain or a(n) ________.;Question;5 options;1);factory;outlet;2);retailer cooperative;3);independent;off-price retailer;4);warehouse;club;5);value;retail center;Question 6(2 points);Companies can build customer;relationships at many levels, depending on the nature of the target market.;Hence, a company with few customers and high margins is most likely to seek to;develop ________ with key customers.;Question 6 options;1);full partnerships;2);basic;relationships;3);selective;relationships;4);categorical;partnerships;5);community;relationships;Save;Question 7(2 points);The Zavyr Corporation, a;manufacturer of electronics products, is planning to release a new product into;the market. They are hoping to tap into a new market of commercial tracking;devices. The product to be released, FindIt, is unlike previous tracking;devices in that it is virtually unnoticeable and cheap. But FindIt will;primarily only help to find objects lost within a living space, as it has a low;frequency detection range. Which of the following kinds of techniques would;suit the Zavyr Corporation for advertising FindIt?;Question 7 options;1);informative advertising;2);reminder;advertising;3);classified;advertising;4);comparative;advertising;5);personalized;advertising;Save;Question 8(2 points);A company that allows consumers;to use monthly installment plans for buyers to pay for products is using the;promotional tool of ________.;Question 8 options;1);direct;marketing;2);public;relations;3);advertising;4);personal;selling;5);sales promotion;Save;Question 9(2 points);Reseller markets involve;Question 9 options;1);government;agencies that buy goods and services to produce public services;2);individuals;who buy goods and services for personal consumption;3);firms;that buy goods and services for further processing in their production;processes;4);firms that buy goods and services;and then sell them at a profit;5);firms;that buy intermediate goods and services for use in production of the final;product;Save;Question 10(2 points);New-product development starts;with the step of ________.;Question 10 options;1);idea generation;2);idea;screening;3);concept;development;4);concept;testing;5);test;marketing;Question 11(2 points);In selective distribution;producers purposely limit the number of intermediaries handling their products.;Question 11 options;1) True;2) False;Save;Question 12(2 points);Physical distribution firms;that help the company stock and move goods from their points of origin to their;destinations are considered to be marketing intermediaries.;Question 12 options;1) True;2) False;Save;Question 13(2 points);Which statement is true;regarding social class in the United States?;Question 13 options;1);Social class;is determined primarily by income level.;2);Lines;between social classes in the United States are fixed and rigid.;3);Social;classes show distinct product preferences in clothing and automobiles.;4);Wealth is;more critical than education level in measuring social class.;5);People are relegated to a permanent;class layer in the United States.;Save;Question 14(2 points);Marketers must be careful to;guard against stereotypes when using age and life-cycle segmentation.;Question 14 options;1) True;2) False;Save;Question 15(2 points);Which of the following is an;example of horizontal conflict in the distribution channel?;Question 15 options;1);a Nike;shoe dealer complaining that the shoes provided to the dealer are defective;2);a Ford car dealer complaining that;another Ford dealer is overpricing customers for the same car model;3);a FedEx;agent complaining that a DHL agent is cutting off its business;4);a Walmart;executive complaining to a Pepsi executive for not replenishing stocks;5);a Gucci;executive complaining to Gucci's suppliers of delay in shipping;consignments;Save;Question 16(2 points);Which of the following;exemplifies vertical conflicts that occur in a distribution channel?;Question 16 options;1);conflicts;that occur between same levels in the same channel;2);conflicts that occur between;different levels of the same channel;3);conflicts;that occur between same levels of different channels;4);conflicts;that occur between a supplier and a producer;5);conflicts;that occur between two suppliers over meeting the demands of a producer;Save;Question 17(2 points);La Viva, a chain of clubs and;resorts, is known to be one of most preferred options for consumers seeking;hospitality of a good standard. La Viva follows a mission which stresses;long-term relationship building. It does not offer customers frequent price;discounts which do increase footfalls, but fail to add value to the company.;Which of the following statements, if true, strengthens the argument that La;Viva uses the relationship-building approach over the transaction-oriented;approach?;Question 17 options;1);The sales;force at La Viva is trained rigorously in the selling process that begins;with the step of prospecting and terminates with the step of;follow-through.;2);The;consumer promotion activities at La Viva are centered around providing;customers with a free package during the off-season.;3);The largest proportion of customers;coming to La Viva are holders of a "Lifetime with La Viva" card;or have been referred by satisfied customers.;4);The;facilities for recreation at La Viva are not significantly greater than its;key competitor, Aurora clubs and resorts.;5);The managers;at La Viva are suffering from a situation that reflects promotion clutter.;Save;Question 18(2 points);is the process of;evaluating each market segment's attractiveness and selecting one or more;segments to enter.;Question 18 options;1);Differentiation;2);Mass;marketing;3);Market targeting;4);Market;segmentation;5);Positioning;Save;Question 19(2 points);Wantsare the form;human needs take as they are shaped by culture and individual personality.;Question 19 options;1) True;2) False;Save;Question 20(2 points);Penny Bank, a discount retail;chain, is highly competitive. When entering a new market, Penny Bank often cuts;prices so deeply that it sells below costs, effectively pushing smaller retail;stores with less purchasing power out of the market. Penny Bank is at risk of;being accused of ________.;Question 20 options;1);market;skimming;2);price-fixing;3);predatory pricing;4);deceptive;pricing;5);resale;price maintenance;Question 21(2 points);Erica Jenson has a limited;budget for the market research she needs to conduct, however, the sample size;for her research is quite large. Which of the following methods of contact;would provide Erica with the most cost-effective way to reach a large sample of;potential customers?;Question 21 options;1);telephone surveys;2);personal;interviews;3);Internet;surveys;4);mail;surveys;5);focus;group interviews;Save;Question 22(2 points);Jeff Barkins is a conscientious;marketing manager. Sometimes, Jeff and his staff are unclear what decisions to;make when faced with moral dilemmas. Jeff and other managers could create broad;guidelines that everyone in the organization must follow in the form of a;Question 22 options;1);company;value statement;2);company;mission statement;3);company;vision statement;4);corporate marketing ethics policy;5);financial;statement;Save;Question 23(2 points);When ProFem Inc. caters to;clothing, cosmetics, and toiletries markets for women, it is most likely using;which type of segmentation?;Question 23 options;1);age and;life-cycle;2);gender;3);behavior;4);psychographic;5);geographic;Save;Question 24(2 points);Selecting particular segments;of a population of customers to serve is called ________.;Question 24 options;1);value;reengineering;2);brand;synchronizing;3);mass;customizing;4);target marketing;5);selective;administering;Save;Question 25(2 points);During which stage of the;business buying process is a buyer most likely to conduct value analysis by;carefully studying components to determine if they can be redesigned;standardized, or made less expensive?;Question 25 options;1);general;need recognition;2);product specification;3);proposal;solicitation;4);order-routine;specification;5);performance;review;Question 26(2 points);Josie enjoys her work at;Futuristic Designs Inc. Her organization understands and anticipates customer;needs even better than customers themselves do and creates products and;services to meet existing and latent needs, now and in the future. Josie's firm;practices ________ marketing.;Question 26 options;1);product;concept;2);customer-driving;3);societal;4);donor;5);production;concept;Save;Question 27(2 points);Evans and Hills has developed a;new line of specialty teas positioned directly against its competitor, Milton;Brews. Evans and Hills has pitched its plan to recapture its lost market share;on this line of specialty teas and is seeking regular inputs from the test;marketing process. To facilitate this process, it is using BuyerScan, a;software that generates store-by-store, week-by-week reports on the actual;sales of tested products and the impact of in-store and in-home marketing;efforts. This scenario illustrates the ________.;Question 27 options;1);traditional;test marketing approach;2);just-in-time;inventory tracking approach;3);controlled test market approach;4);simulated;test approach;5);direct;commercialization approach;Save;Question 28(2 points);The concept of ________ holds;that a company's marketing should support the best long-run performance of the;marketing system.;Question 28 options;1);consumerism;2);global marketing;3);sustainable;marketing;4);differential;marketing;5);consumer-oriented;marketing;Save;Question 29(2 points);A convenience store is most;likely to be ________.;Question 29 options;1);operating;in commercial centers away from residential hubs;2);stocking;a narrow product line with deep assortment;3);carrying a limited line of;high-turnover daily needs products;4);charging;consumers significantly lower prices than retail stores;5);providing;consumers full service in making purchase decisions;Save;Question 30(2 points);Restrictive product standards;is an example of ________.;Question 30 options;1);tariffs;2);excise;3);quotas;4);nontariff trade barriers;5);exchange;controls;Question 31(2 points);ventures consist of;one company collaborating with foreign investors to create a local business in;which they share possession and control.;Question 31 options;1);Licensing;2);Direct;investment;3);Contract;manufacturing;4);Management;contracting;5);Joint ownership;Save;Question 32(2 points);Advertainment is an example of;a ________ advertising technique.;Question 32 options;1);surrogate;2);public;service;3);covert;4);Madison & Vine;5);social;Save;Question 33(2 points);is an example of a;virtual world.;Question 33 options;1);Craigslist;2);Facebook;3);Napster;4);Second Life;5);MySpace;Save;Question 34(2 points);Timberland employees get 40;hours paid leave each year to pursue volunteer projects. The company runs a;service day that hosts projects in 25 countries, and it supports a nonprofit;that brings young people into public service for a year. CEO Jeffrey Swartz;sees such service as a powerful differentiator for Timberland with its current;and potential customers. Timberland could be most accurately described as;practicing ________.;Question 34 options;1);consumerism;2);environmental;sustainability;3);sustainability;vision;4);innovative;marketing;5);sense-of-mission marketing;Save;Question 35(2 points);In the logistics system;minimum distribution costs imply ________.;Question 35 options;1);flexible;assortments;2);larger shipping lots;3);rapid;delivery;4);large;inventories;5);liberal returns;policies;Question 36(2 points);McDonald's, Subway, and Pizza;Hut are all examples of ________ organizations.;Question 36 options;1);voluntary;2);retailer;cooperative;3);franchise;4);no-service;5);corporate;chain;Save;Question 37(2 points);In a SWOT analysis;refer to external factors that the company may be able to exploit to its;advantage.;Question 37 options;1);strengths;2);strategies;3);weaknesses;4);opportunities;5);controls;Save;Question 38(2 points);Newspapers, as a medium of;advertising, provide poor local market coverage.;Question 38 options;1) True;2) False;Save;Question 39(2 points);Several companies, some of them;operating through the Internet, offer "paycheck advances." Consumers;are encouraged to take out a loan against a paycheck they expect to receive in;the near future. These short-term loans with high-interest rates, and high;penalties for late payments, are often marketed to consumers who do not have;traditional bank accounts. These companies could most easily be criticized for;which of the following?;Question 39 options;1);shoddy;products;2);poorly serving disadvantaged;consumers;3);high-pressure;selling;4);high;advertising and promotion costs;5);predatory;pricing;Save;Question 40(2 points);In evaluating different market;segments, a firm must look at three factors: segment size and growth, segment;structural attractiveness, and company objectives and resources.;Question 40 options;1) True;2) False;Question 41(2 points);MTV targets the world's;teenagers, who have similar needs and buying behaviors even though they are;located in different countries. This is called ________ segmentation.;Question 41 options;1);political;and legal;2);cross-cultural;3);cultural;4);intermarket;5);individual;Save;Question 42(2;points);All Needs" is a;convenience store that has recently begun to redesign and restock its stores to;offer a more upscale environment and products, such as house wines, special;types of cheese and fresh foods. "All Needs" has changed product mix;and positioning to become a ________.;Question 42 options;1);wholesaler;club;2);designer;shop;3);factory;outlet;4);retailer;cooperative;5);supercenter;Save;Question 43(2;points);Crowbar Records used to sell;its music, in CDs, through a network of retail outlets, record stores, and;music dealers. After the advent of MP3 technology, it decided to shift from;using any of these agents and sell its music independently from the company's;Web site, using personal mail, and other social networking techniques to inform;potential customers about upcoming music and promotions. Which of the following;types of marketing systems has Crowbar newly adopted?;Question 43 options;1);administered;vertical marketing system;2);contractual;vertical marketing system;3);horizontal;marketing system;4);direct marketing channel;5);vertical;marketing channel;Save;Question 44(2 points);A company or store gains a(n);by differentiating its products and delivering more value.;Question 44 options;1);competitive advantage;2);positioning;advantage;3);cost;advantage;4);efficiency;advantage;5);synergy;Save;Question 45(2;points);The final step in the marketing;process is ________.;Question 45 options;1);capturing value from customers;2);constructing;an integrated marketing program;3);building;profitable relationships with the customers;4);understanding;the marketplace;5);designing;a customer-driven marketing strategy;Save


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