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Question;When a business gets to know market segments intimately and;pursues either cost leadership or differentiation within the target segment, it;is employing a ________.;defined strategy;focused strategy;value-added strategy;competitive advantage strategy;customer-focused strategy;Question 2. Question;activities include those the company undertakes to;make the product accessible and available to target customers.;Consumer behavior;Market segmentation;Marketing research;Channel;New-product development;Question 3. Question;If a marketing research firm were also known as a;field-service firm (e.g., it sells its field interviewing services to other;firms), it would be called a ________.;custom marketing research firm;syndicated-service research firm;specialty-line marketing research firm;general-line marketing research firm;systematic marketing research firm;Question 4. Question;The firm's success depends both on how well each department;performs its work, and on how well the various departmental activities are;coordinated to conduct ________.;core strategies;satellite businesses;core values;core business processes;core technologies;Question 5. Question;One traditional depiction of marketing activities is in;terms of the marketing mix or four Ps. The four Ps are characterized as being;product, positioning, place, and price;product, production, price, and place;promotion, place, positioning, and price;place, promotion, production, and positioning;product, price, promotion, and place;Question 6. Question;A social definition of marketing says ________.;effective marketing requires companies to remove intermediary parties to;achieve a closer connection with direct consumers;a company should focus exclusively on;achieving high production efficiency, low costs, and mass distribution to;facilitate the broadest possible access to the company's products;marketing is a societal process by which;individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating;offering, and freely exchanging products and services of value with others;marketing is the process of extracting maximal;value from consumers to facilitate corporate growth;marketing is the process of aggressive selling;and promotion to encourage the purchase of products that might otherwise be;unsought by the consumer;Question 7. Question;In the famous case where Coca-Cola introduced New Coke after;much research, the failure of New Coke was largely due to a marketing research;barrier identified as ________.;a narrow conception of the research;uneven caliber of researchers;poor framing of the problem;late and occasional erroneous findings;personality and presentation differences;Question 8. Question;Which of the following types of marketing research firms;would best be described as being one that gathers consumer and trade;information which they sell for a fee (e.g., Nielsen Media Research)?;Custom marketing research firms;CORRECT Syndicated-service research firms;Specialty-line marketing research firms;General-line marketing research firms;Nonprofit marketing research firms;Question 9. Question;Firms making products that require ________face substantial;cost increases as these become increasingly scarce.;infinite;near finite;finite renewable;finite nonrenewable;absolute;Question 10. Question;Which of the following would be the best illustration of a;subculture?;A softball team;A university alumni association;CORRECT Teenagers;A Boy Scout troop;Frequent flyers;Question 11. Question;A company with a ________ may be held back by low brand;awareness, low brand availability, benefit deficiencies, and high price.;high market-penetration index;high share-penetration index;low market-penetration index;low share-penetration index;none of the above;Question 12. Question;Which of the following terms matches to the phrase "it;is a single business or collection of related businesses that can be planned;separately from the rest of the company?;strategic business unit;diverse business unit;growth business unit;niche market unit;specialized business unit;Question 13. Question;Business realignment may be necessary to maximize core;competencies. Which of the following would be one of the steps in this;realignment process?;reviewing all macro relationships;reviewing global outreach projections;redefining the business concept (the "big;idea");reviewing successes from e-commerce (if any);revamping the ethics statement;Question 14. Question;Core competencies tend to refer to areas of special;technical and production expertise, whereas ________ tend to describe;excellence in broader business processes.;process benchmarks;distinctive capabilities;core business values;value statements;mission statements;Question 15. Question;A low market-penetration index indicates ________.;substantial growth potential for all firms;substantial growth opportunities for few firms;it will be very expensive to attract more;prospects;price competition is increasing;profit margins are falling;Question 16. Question;Marketers are particularly interested in the consumption of;as developing brand loyalty in this age group is likely to lead to;the highest consumer lifetime value.;infants;young children;teens;parents;retirees;Question 17. Question;The identification and profiling of distinct groups of;buyers who might prefer or require varying product and service mixes is known;as ________.;segmentation;integration;disintermediation;targeting;partner relationship management;Question 18. Question;Consumer expenditures are affected by ________.;savings;debt;credit availability;all of the above;none of the above;Question 19. Question;Traditionally, most businesses focused on stockholders.;Today, the focus is on what are called ________.;stakeholders;partners;regulators;consumer triads;supply chain relationships;Question 20. Question;reflects a customer's judgment of a product's;performance in relation to his or her expectations.;Loyalty;Satisfaction;Value;Expectations;Comparison shopping;Points Received: 5 of 5;Comments;Question 21. Question;The volume discount for wholesalers must be the same as for;2500 units due to standard industry practices.;Question 22. Question;Allround has the highest awareness and brand trials of any;brand.;Question 23. Question;Which of the following reduces the cough reflex?;Antihistamines;Decongestants;Cough suppressants;Expectorants;Question 24. Question;Which is not one of the three forms of products?;Capsule;Injection;Liquid;Spray;Question 25. Question;Allstar currently offers three different brands on the;market.;Question 26. Question;The sales force is composed of three categories.;Question 27. Question;If your budget is less than zero, you can advance the;simulation by securing a loan.;Question 28. Question;Allround is categorized (labeled) as which of the following?;Cold medicine;Cough medicine;Allergy medicine;Nasal spray;All of the above


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