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Question;Write an essay (minimum of two pages) comparing and contrasting the drug testing programs in these four professional sports leagues: NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Examine each program and decide which you feel is the best and discuss why. Does each program contain a valid legal basis?Submit your assignment to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.(The Dropbox is linked to Turnitin.)The following page includes further instructions regarding the essay assignment.The essay should be typed in Times New Roman, 12-pt font and double-spaced. Utilize at least two references to support your position. Cite these in the body of your paper and on a reference page in appropriate APA (6th edition) format. See the course Resources for more information about APA. Use theEssay Rubric as a guide during the writing process. To evaluate your essay, use theSelf-Evaluationtool. Both documents are available in Resources. Research for all essays must utilize journal articles, including those found via the Internet. You may use an article of significant length (covers a full page or more than one page and includes more than just simple opinions by unqualified responders) found in USA Today, New York Times, or another significant newspaper as one of the required sources. Many Internet sites are not acceptable because anyone can build a site and post an opinion. Review theSport Resources document (available in the Resources section) to become familiar with sport-related publications and resources="color:>


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