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Question;Discussion 1: "VISA Interactive Exercise" Please;respond to the following;From the first e-Activity, choose a real global company, and select three to;five (3-5) most important variables that should be included in the company?s;customer profile (i.e., demographics and psychographics for your chosen;company). Next, provide a rationale for why you chose these variables for the;customer profile.;From the first e-Activity, describe the target market for the company you;chose. Provide a rationale for the response.Discussion 2:Positioning and Information Technology" Please respond to the following;Justify the different positioning strategies presented in Chapter 7 of your;textbook. Provide one (1) example of at least one (1) positioning strategy for;the products of the global company that you chose in Discussion 1.;Analyze the significant ways in which information technology facilitates the;work of global marketers. Provide at least two (2) examples of how information;technology facilitates the work of global marketers.


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