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strayer university mkt100 week 8 quiz 7




Question;?;Question 1;0 out of 3 points;Long-term partnerships among channel members;working together to reduce inefficiencies, costs, and redundancies in the;entire marketing channel is called;Answer;?;Question 2;0 out of 3 points;Which major mode of freight transportation;provides the most flexible schedules and routes?;Answer;?;Question 3;0 out of 3 points;A single leader who controls and organizes a;marketing channel is called a;Answer;?;Question 4;3 out of 3 points;Freight transportation companies that offer;several different shipment methods are called;Answer;?;Question 5;0 out of 3 points;Which mode of transportation hauls more freight;than any other?;Answer;?;Question 6;0 out of 3 points;An independent businessperson who is paid a;commission to sell complementary products of different producers in an;assigned territory without actually taking title of the merchandise is a(n);Answer;?;Question 7;3 out of 3 points;Tying agreements occur when a;Answer;?;Question 8;0 out of 3 points;A group of organizations and individuals that;directs the flow of products from producers to the ultimate consumers is;called a;Answer;?;Question 9;0 out of 3 points;An independent business that takes title to;products and carries inventories is a(n);Answer;?;Question 10;0 out of 3 points;The notion of physical distribution is;Answer


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