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Question;A Global Company" Please respond;to the following;?;From the e-Activity, select a global company, and;determine and explain its marketing strategy.;Determine and;explain whether the global company you selected in Part 1 of this discussion;has marketing myopia. Explain why or why not. Compare and contrast the;marketing orientations of your selected global company with the orientations of;the global companies that at least two (2) of your classmates have;chosen.DQ 2;Ethnocentric, Polycentric;Regiocentric Marketing Orientations"Please respond to;the following;?;Choose one (1) global company, then classify this company;as having an ethnocentric, polycentric, or regiocentric marketing orientation;based on the product(s) or service(s) it sells. Justify the reason(s) why you;believe the company exhibits the attributes of the selected orientation. Note;Make sure the company you selected is different from the ones that your;classmates selected.;Select one (1) of;the companies that your classmate(s) chose in Discussion 1. Next, compare and;contrast the marketing orientations and rationale of the global companies you;and your classmate selected. Note: Make sure the company you selected is;different from the ones that your classmates selected.


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