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Saint MBA565 week 6 quiz (april 08, 2014)




Question;1.;occurs when a company sells a product or service at;two or more prices that do not reflect a proportional difference in;costs.;(Points: 5);Psychological pricingLoss-leader pricingProduct-form pricingCustomer-segment pricingPrice discrimination;Question 2.;2.;Regarding distribution systems, one of the most difficult;decision that a firm must make at some time involves ________ the;channel strategy.;(Points: 5);discontinuingrevisingdecreasing members ofincreasing members ofscrapping;Question 3.;3.;involves conflict between members at the same level within the channel.;(Points: 5);Vertical channel conflictCircular channel conflictMultichannel conflictHorizontal channel conflictNone of the above;Question 4.;4.;Companies often raise their prices by more than the;inflationary cost increases as preparation for further inflation or;government price controls. This practice is known as ________.;(Points: 5);anticipatory pricingdelayed quotation pricingescalator pricingunbundlingdiscount pricing;Question 5.;5.;The three elements of the services mix for retailers includes ________.;(Points: 5);target marketingbreath and depthtransition zonedirect product profitabilityancillary services;Question 6.;6.;means resorting to a neutral third party who is skilled in conciliating the two parties' interests.;(Points: 5);Co-optationNegotiationMediationArbitrationDiplomacy;Question 7.;7.;In competitive markets with low entry barriers, the optimal channel structure will inevitably ________ over time.;(Points: 5);become cumbersomehardenstay the sameincreasechange;Question 8.;8.;Traditionally, ________ has operated as the major determinant of buyer choice.;(Points: 5);promotionpackagingplacementdistributionprice;Question 9.;9.;The decline in the average cost of production with accumulated production experience is called the ________.;(Points: 5);demand curvecost curvelearning curvecost targetindifference band;Question 10.;10.;There are several mechanisms for effective channel conflict management. These include the following, EXCEPT ________.;(Points: 5);frequent vendor switchingsuperordinate goalsco-optationdiplomacymediation;Question 11.;11.;Price elasticity depends on the magnitude and direction of;the price change. If may differ for a price cut versus a price increase.;When the price changes have little or no effect, there might exist a;for your product.;(Points: 5);selective priceprice indifference bandsubstitute productpromotional pricecollective price;Question 12.;12.;Value pricing is not a matter of simply setting lower prices;it is a matter of reengineering the company's operations to become a;low-cost producer without sacrificing quality and lowering prices;significantly to attract a large number of ________ customers.;(Points: 5);expertprice-orientatedvalue-consciousproduct-orientatednone of the above;Question 13.;13.;Auction-type pricing is becoming very popular due to the;Internet. The three types of auction pricing include sealed-bid;auctions, descending bids auctions, and ________.;(Points: 5);EDLP auctionsascending bid auctionshigh-low bid auctionsgoing-rate bidding auctionsvalue pricing auctions;Question 14.;14.;A firm first decides where it wants to position its market;offering. A company can pursue any of five major objectives through;pricing. Which of the following is NOT one of these objectives?;(Points: 5);Predatory pricingSurvivalMaximum current profitMaximum market shareProduct-quality leadership;Question 15.;15.;are existing companies that have added an online site for information and/or e-commerce.;(Points: 5);Store locationsBrick-and-click firmsBrick-and-mortar firmsPure-click firmsNone of the above;Question 16.;16.;warehouses store goods for moderate to long periods of time.;(Points: 5);DistributionAutomatedStorageCompany-ownedLocal;Question 17.;17.;Retailers can locate their stores in the central business;district, a regional shopping center, ________, a shopping strip, or;within a larger store.;(Points: 5);suburbiatown centersstrip mallsa freestanding locationa community shopping center;Question 18.;18.;Today, ________ is partially reversing the fixed pricing trend.;(Points: 5);volume discountingbig-box retailingthe Internethigh-margin nichingall of the above;Question 19.;19.;Integrated logistics systems (ILS) involves materials;management, ________, and physical distribution, aided by information;technology.;(Points: 5);information flow systemsmaterial flow systemscash flow systemsproduct management systemsnone of the above;Question 20.;20.;One of the advantages of corporate retailing is that;corporate retail organizations achieve economies of scale, greater;purchasing power, and ________.;(Points: 5);wider brand recognitionmore locationsbranded merchandise"fresh" merchandisemore advertising


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