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Question;Question 1(1 point);Eric;Dylan is the marketing director of a charity that raises funds to help provide;educational services to children and families in developing countries. Eric;targets a selective market of individuals who have recently donated to;international charities by sending them a letter with the proposed plan for;charity and instructions for those who are interested to participate. Eric uses;in this scenario.;Question;1 options;1);direct-mail;marketing;2);mass;marketing;3);telephone;marketing;4);direct-response;television marketing;5);kiosk;marketing;Save;Question 2(1 point);Green;Gardens is a click-and-mortar seller of gardening and landscaping goods and;equipment. The marketing department wants to encourage shoppers at the physical;stores to use the company's online catalog to order items that are not;available at a given retail location. Which of the following marketing devices;is the best match for this goal?;Question;2 options;1);kiosks;2);retail;stores;3);mail-order;forms;4);infomercials;5);podcasts;Save;Question 3(1 point);Using;telephone marketing, marketers sell directly to consumers.;Question;3 options;1);viral;2);outbound;3);infomercial;4);advertorial;5);business-to-business;Save;Question 4(1 point);allows consumers to gain additional information about a product through the use;of a remote control.;Question;4 options;1);Direct-mail;marketing;2);Telemarketing;3);Podcasting;4);Data;mining;5);Interactive television;Save;Question 5(1 point);Which of;the following is an advantage of printed catalogs over digital catalogs?;Question;5 options;1);a stronger emotional connection;with customers;2);an;ability to offer an unlimited amount of merchandise;3);ease in;matching prices instantly in response to changes in demand;4);efficiencies;in production, printing, and mailing costs;5);real-time;merchandising;Question 6(1 point);Which of the following is true;with regard to kiosk marketing?;Question 6 options;1);It can;be used for selling products, but not services.;2);It;cannot be used to order goods that are currently unavailable.;3);It can be used to combine touch-screen;and digital technologies.;4);It can;be used only to generate printed catalogs for small purchases.;5);It can;be used to circulate viral videos and infomercials.;Save;Question;7(1 point);might appear anywhere;on an Internet user's screen and are often related to the information being;viewed.;Question 7 options;1);Viral;videos;2);Marketing;Web sites;3);Online display ads;4);Corporate;Web sites;5);iTV;advertisements;Save;Question;8(1 point);Which of the following is a;potential drawback of advertising on or attempting to influence content on a;blog?;Question 8 options;1);Advertising;on a blog is typically very expensive.;2);It is;difficult to use blogs to reach highly targeted audiences.;3);The content of a blog is difficult;to control.;4);Blogs;are losing popularity as there is not enough activity on them by;consumers.;5);Blogs do;not provide the kind of personalized medium that today's marketers want.;Save;Question;9(1 point);Which of the following;statements is true of direct marketing?;Question 9 options;1);Direct;marketers offer a limited selection of products and services to customers.;2);For;buyers, direct marketing is an inconvenient and lengthy process.;3);Direct;marketers can target only large groups of customers whose demographic;features have not been determined.;4);Direct marketing is immediate;interactive, and gives consumers a lot of control in making purchases.;5);Online;direct marketing results in higher cost-per-contact for the company when;compared to traditional mass marketing strategies.;Save;Question;10(1 point);What are two major forms of;direct-response television marketing?;Question 10 options;1);direct-response television;advertising and iTV advertising;2);home-selling;and toll-free response;3);advertorials;and audio-only commercials;4);call-in;response and Web-site response;5);home;shopping channels and podcasts;Question 11(1 point);Which kind of marketing;involves sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item to a person at;a particular postal address?;Question 11 options;1);kiosk;marketing;2);digital;direct marketing;3);mass;marketing;4);direct-mail marketing;5);telephone;marketing;Save;Question;12(1 point);What is the main purpose of a;corporate Web site?;Question 12 options;1);to sell;the company's products directly;2);to build customer goodwill;3);to;create a consumer query into a sale;4);to give;out coupons and tell about sales events or contests;5);to point;out and explain competitors' weaknesses;Save;Question;13(1 point);The Internet gave birth to;which operate only on the Internet.;Question 13 options;1);brick-and-mortar;companies;2);click-and-mortar;companies;3);SOHO;companies;4);click-only companies;5);Web-and-mortar;companies;Save;Question;14(1 point);Gutter Guys is a gutter;installation company in Southern California that used to generate most of its;sales through telemarketing but now uses direct mail to reach prospective;customers. Which of the following most likely explains the reason that Gutter;Guys switched from telemarketing to direct mail?;Question 14 options;1);Federal;Trade Commission's Anti-Spam Act;2);Robinson-Patman;Act;3);Clayton;Act;4);Children's;Online Privacy Protection Act;5);National Do-Not-Call Registry;Save;Question;15(1 point);Which of the following is a;primary disadvantage of viral marketing?;Question 15 options;1);The;costs of viral marketing are too high for most companies.;2);The;brand associated with the viral message is usually forgotten.;3);Marketers have little control over;who receives the viral message.;4);Viral;messages are less likely to be viewed than other types of online;promotions.;5);Viral;messages are blocked by most search engines.


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