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Marketing week 2 dqs




Question;WEEK;2 DQ 1;;Bureau of;Economic Analysis" Please respond to the following;? From the first e-Activity, select;a month of a year (e.g., April 2013), then examine the total balance of trade;in goods and services for the month you selected. Include the results of your;examination.;? From the first e-Activity;compare the fundamental differences between total exports versus total imports.;Speculate on the reasons for such a significant imbalance between the two (2).DQ;2-200 words;Global Business;Today" Please respond to the following;? From the second e-Activity, test the range;of variables presented in the model. Determine whether Azure Sky Tea company;should continue to export, create licensing arrangements and / or initiate;horizontal or vertical foreign direct investment (FDI). Justify your response.;From the second;e-Activity, take a position as to whether or not Azure Sky Tea company should;proceed with FDI. Speculate on what other information might be critical to;making an FDI decision. Justify your response.


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