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Saint MBA565 week 7 quiz (april 18, 2014)




Question;1.When setting the advertising;budget, marketers must consider the ________. (Points: 5);message details;cost of television time;cost of new product;development;stage in the product life cycle;buyer's reaction to the;campaign;Question 2. 2.One of the;advantages of direct mail is audience selectivity. One of its limitations;is ________. (Points: 5);its short life;poor reproduction quality;high competition;long ad purchase lead time;relatively high cost;Question 3. 3.Direct marketing;allows marketers to test different elements of an offer strategy under;real marketplace conditions. Elements of an offer strategy include;(Points: 5);the copy platform;the test market;the list;the consumer response;the order;Question 4. 4.Call centers that;initiate calls to prospects and customers are called _________. (Points;5);teleprospecting;telesales;telecoverage;outbound telemarketing;inbound telemarketing;Question 5. 5.Marketers are;using creative and unexpected ad placements to grab consumers' attentions;in ________ advertising. (Points: 5);market-specific;customer-specific;space;nontraditional;place;Question 6. 6.The appeal of;public relations and publicity is based on three distinctive qualities.;These include ________, the ability to catch buyers off guard, and;dramatization. (Points: 5);invitation;free;high credibility;exposure;low cost;Question 7. 7.Which of the;following is NOT a function of the PR department? (Points: 5);Press relations;Product publicity;Corporate communications;Counseling;All of the above are functions performed by;the PR department.;Question 8. 8.A media vehicle's;refers to its prestige and believability. People are more likely;to believe a TV or radio ad and to become more positively disposed toward;the brand when the ad is placed within a program they like. (Points: 5);ad-placement policies;editorial quality;audience-attention;probability;audience quality;lead generation;Question 9. 9.Once the target;market is defined, the marketer needs to obtain specific names, which can;be obtained by purchasing a list of names. The better lists include;overlays of ________ and ________ information. (Points: 5);financial, buying groups;demographic, financial;opinions, interests;demographic, attitudes;demographic, psychographic;Question 10. 10.An effectively;trained company sales force can make four important contributions;enthusiasm building, missionary selling, key account management, and;(Points: 5);customer contacts;relationship selling;direct sales contacts;increased stock position;account management;Question 11. 11.________ is;another form of word of mouth that encourages consumers to pass along;company-developed products and services or audio, video, or written;information to others online. (Points: 5);Buzz marketing;Viral marketing;Social networking;Pay-per-click advertising;Mobile marketing;Question 12. 12.Today's customers;expect a salesperson have deep product knowledge, to be efficient and;reliable, and to add ideas to improve the customer's operations. These;demands are forcing companies to make higher investments in ________.;(Points: 5);sales training;internal salespeople;management controls;premium offers;sales-force promotions;Question 13. 13.Messages;delivered by attractive or popular sources can potentially achieve higher;attention and recall. What is important is the spokesperson's;credibility. Source credibility consists of trustworthiness, likability;and ________. (Points: 5);celebrity status;experience;expertise;age;reputation;Question 14. 14.Marketing;communications can contribute to brand equity by establishing the brand;in memory and ________. (Points: 5);creating interest;communicating quality;creating demand;creating a brand image;introducing new products to;the market;Question 15. 15.________ is the;specialized knowledge that the communicator possesses to back the;advertising claim. (Points: 5);Likeability;Source;Expertise;Trustworthiness;Faith;Question 16. 16.Television;audience size has several possible measures. These include circulation;audience, and ________. (Points: 5);nonexposed audience;total circulation;exposed audience;listening audience;effective audience;Question 17. 17.The;method of measuring event effectiveness identifies the effect sponsorship;had on consumers' brand knowledge. (Points: 5);incremental;supply-side;demand-side;historical;experimental;Question 18. 18.Some companies;set their promotion budget to achieve share-of-voice parity with;competitors. This is referred to as the ________ of promotions budgeting.;(Points: 5);objective-task method;percentage-of-sales method;competitive-parity method;affordable method;comparable method;Question 19. 19.A(n);appeal elaborates on a non-product-related benefit or image when;advertising a product or service. (Points: 5);informational;destructive;involving;creative;transformational;Question 20. 20.Communication;option are often more effective when used in tandem. ________ relates to;the extent to which different associations and linkages are emphasized;across communication options. (Points: 5);Coverage;Contribution;Commonality;Complementarity;Versatility;*


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