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Question;While viewing businesses in terms;of customer needs can suggest additional growth opportunities, a ________ tends;to focus on selling a product or service to a current market.;cognitive definition;tactical definition;product definition;target market definition;strategic market definition;What is the traditional view of;marketing?;Firms should remember that promotion is the most important of the four Ps.;Firms should just focus on production because if the products are good then;they will automatically sell.;Firms should just focus on production and selling because marketing occurs as a;part of the selling process.;Firms should have a proper marketing team that can increase consumers;awareness of their products and rouse their interest in them.Firms should price their products as low as possible so that marketing them becomes;easy.;Mission statements are at their best when they reflect a ________.;value;strength;competency;market;vision;The most frequently cited;shortcomings of current marketing plans, according to marketing executives, are;lack of realism, insufficient competitive analysis, and a ________ focus.;short-run;price;profit;product;long-term;When one company licenses another;to produce its offerings, or two companies jointly market their complementary;offerings, it is called a ________.;total quality management;pricing collaboration;promotional alliance;product or service alliance;logistics collaboration;When demand is ________, it;implies that more customers would like to buy the product than can be;satisfied.;overfull;irregular;full;latent;negative;Disintermediation via the;Internet has resulted in ________.;stronger brand loyalty;well-established brand names;greater consumer buying power;higher prices;greater emphasis on personal selling;Most large companies consist of;four organizational levels: the corporate level, the ________, the business;unit level, and the product level.;board of director level;division level;management team level;strategic level;major stakeholder level;The "Malaysia, Truly;Asia" ad campaign that showcased Malaysia's beautiful landscape and its;multicultural society in order to attract tourists is an example of;marketing.;place;property;event;idea;service;The holistic marketing framework;is designed to address three key management questions. Which of the following;is one of those questions?;Value explorationhow can a company identify new value opportunities?;Value networkhow can a company effectively network?;Value claimshow does the company deal with value clutter?;Value propositionhow can value propositions be made profitable?;Value erosionare there weak links in the company's value chain?;Which of the following is one of;the five major characteristics of good mission statements?;They expand the range of individual employee discretion.;They focus on a large number of goals.;They take a short-term view.;They are long and comprehensive to ensure that all critical concepts are;included.;They define the major competitive spheres within which the company will operate.;Tracy's is a chain of hair;dressing salons for women. They use the television, magazines, radio, and;newspapers to advertise their services. The owners ensure that all;communication channels deliver a common message to prospective customers.;Tracy's believes in ________.;socially responsible marketing;integrated marketing;global marketing;relationship marketing;internal marketing;The success of online purchasing;resulted in ________ in the delivery of products and services by intervening in;the traditional flow of goods through distribution channels.;diversification;deregulation;reduced competition;privatization;disintermediation;marketing aims to build;mutually satisfying long-term collaboration with key constituents, such as customers;employees, suppliers, distributors, and other marketing partners, in order to;earn and retain their business.;Relationship;Direct;Internal;Demand-based;Integrated;Which of;the following categories of goods and services is most likely to require an;aggressive use of the selling concept?;complementary goods;necessary goods;shopping goods;unsought goods;luxury goods


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