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Question;Question 1;Apex Corporation is a wholesaler for Global Electronics in the French market.;Global Electronics discovered that Apex Corp. was diverting some of their goods;to the English market. Apex Corp. could get a greater profit in the English;market because the goods were bought by the firm at a cheaper price in France.;In the context of the above scenario, which of the following forms of business;is Apex engaged in?;Black marketing.;Parallel;importing.;Backwashing.;Industrial piracy.;Smuggling.;Question 2;A(n) _____ is a domestic middleman set up in a foreign country or U.S.;possession that can obtain a corporate tax exemption on a portion of the;earnings generated by the sale or lease of export property.;Webb-Pomerene export association;manufacturer's export agent;export management company;complementary marketer;foreign;sales corporation;Question 3;Home-country middlemen are also known as _____ middlemen.;area;local;merchant;domestic;regional;Question 4;Which of the following is one of the six Cs of distribution channel;strategy?;Communication;Continuity;Capacity;Commission;Contribution;Question 5;Which of the following modes of distribution affords the most control;over the distribution channels but often at a cost that is not practical?;Complementary marketers.;Direct;sales force.;Export associations.;Trading companies.;Export management companies.;Question 6;Most middlemen have little loyalty to their vendors. They handle brands;in good times when the line is making money but quickly reject such products;within a season or a year if they fail to produce during that period. This is;an example of problems associated with which of the following six Cs of;distribution channel strategy?;Character;Continuity;Control;Cost;Capital requirement;Question 7;take title to manufacturers' goods and assume the trading risks.;Merchant;middlemen;Brokers;Buying offices;Export agent;Agent middlemen;Question 8;Which of the following statements is true regarding an import-oriented;distribution structure?;The importer-wholesaler traditionally performs;most of the marketing functions.;The relationship between the importer and any;middleman is similar to that found in a mass-marketing system.;Several independent agencies providing functions;such as advertising, marketing research, financing are a part of this;distribution structure.;The idea of a channel as a chain of;intermediaries performing specific activities is common.;This;distribution system is national in scope.;Question 9;has long been considered the most effective nontariff barrier to;the Japanese market.;The Japanese population;The;Japanese distribution structure;Japanese culture;The Japanese import and export procedure;Intense competition in Japan;Question 10;In the context of types of domestic middlemen, the WTO in 2003 ruled;to be in violation of international trade rules, thus starting a major;trade dispute with the European Union.;foreign;sales corporations;direct marketing partnerships;trading companies;export promotion companies;Webb-Pomerene export associations;Question 11;One of the reasons for the notably low use of foreign national consumer;magazines by international advertisers is that;consumers in most countries rarely read;magazines.;few;magazines provide reliable circulation data.;they publish content only in English.;subscription to magazines has reduced as the;Internet gains popularity.;advertising in magazines is costly as compared to;other advertising media.;Question 12;Which of the following elements of integrated marketing communications is;related to encouraging the press to cover positive stories about companies and;managing unfavorable rumors, stories, and events?;Public relations;Direct selling;Trade shows;Personal selling;Sales promotion;Question 13;Meta Garbon, a manufacturer of sports bicycles, in a bid to tap the enormous;market for bicycles in China promote their cycles as premium sporting and;leisure bicycles. They use various cycling legends and sports celebrities as;brand ambassadors, and use television, radio, and newspapers as media.;Bicycles in China are used mainly by the working class for commutation, and;the main users of bicycles did not relate to Meta Garbon's products and the;promotional campaign was a failure. During which of the following steps of the;IMC process did Meta Garbon go wrong?;Information source selection.;Selection of message channel.;Encoding.;Decoding.;Noise cancellation.;uestion 14;While developing an international advertisement campaign, which of the;following is the first step of the process?;Compose and secure a budget based on what is required to meet goals.;Specify the goals of the communication.;Select effective media.;Execute the campaign.;Perform marketing research.;Question 15;In the context of the communications process in advertising, problems of;literacy, media availability, and types of media create challenges in the;communications process at the _____ step.;feedback;decoding;message channel selection;encoding;message selection;Question 16;During which step of the international communications process does the;receiver of the message interpret symbolism transmitted from the information;source?;Selecting a message;Encoding;Selecting a message channel;Decoding;Identifying the sources of noise;Question 17;In the context of international advertising, _____ is the neon capital of the;world.;Paris;Honk Kong;London;Sydney;Bras?lia;Question 18;For most companies, which of the following are the major components in the;marketing communications mix?;Public relations and advertising.;Direct selling and trade shows.;Advertising and personal selling.;Public relations and sales promotions.;Direct selling and sales promotions.;uestion 19;are marketing activities that stimulate consumer purchases and improve;retailer or middlemen effectiveness and cooperation.;Sales promotion;Advertising;Trade shows;Direct selling;Public relations;Question 20;In-store demonstrations, samples, coupons, contests, and sweepstakes are;examples of _____ devices.;personal selling;sales promotions;trade shows;direct selling;public relations


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