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Question;Question 1(1 point);Reminder;advertising is ideal for maintaining customer relationships for mature;products.;Question;1 options;1) True;2) False;Save;Question 2(1 point);Which of;the following is true of advertising in the new marketing communications model?;Question;2 options;1);Advertisers;are trying to boost print media advertising to counter the rise of digital;media.;2);Advertisers are spending more money;on mass-media marketing techniques like network television.;3);Advertisers;are using highly targeted media to reach smaller customer segments with;personalized, interactive messages.;4);Advertisers;are use more broadcasting techniques to reach target customers.;5);Advertisers;have stopped using narrowcasting techniques to reach target customers.;Save;Question 3(1 point);Which of;the following is an example of a combination of sales promotions and direct;marketing?;Question;3 options;1);a company;giving discounts on their product prices in order to gain a brand image;2);a company;releasing a nationwide television ad with every buyer having a chance to;win a lottery price;3);a company;holding a press conference to talk about their new product;4);a;company's sales force meeting customers directly and providing customized;messages that suit that particular customer;5);a company e-mailing a customer;about a discount on a product during a festival season;Save;Question 4(1 point);The aim;of ________ is to make ads themselves so entertaining, or so useful, that;people want to watch them.;Question;4 options;1);branded;entertainment;2);advertainment;3);social;advertising;4);subliminal;advertising;5);infotainment;advertising;Save;Question 5(1 point);Advertising;using the affordable method of budget setting depends on the total revenues of;the company.;Question;5 options;1) True;2) False;Question 6(1 point);A company using a press release;to explain the resignation of its former CEO who was involved in a scandal is;an example of a company using ________ to maintain its company image.;Question 6 options;1);personal;selling;2);sales promotion;3);public;relations;4);direct;marketing;5);advertising;Save;Question;7(1 point);The Zavyr Corporation, a;manufacturer of electronics products, is planning to release a new product into;the market. They are hoping to tap into a new market of commercial tracking;devices. The product to be released, FindIt, is unlike previous tracking devices;in that it is virtually unnoticeable and cheap. But FindIt will primarily only;help to find objects lost within a living space, as it has a low frequency;detection range. Which of the following kinds of techniques would suit the;Zavyr Corporation for advertising FindIt?;Question 7 options;1);informative advertising;2);reminder;advertising;3);classified;advertising;4);comparative;advertising;5);personalized;advertising;Save;Question;8(1 point);Which of the following is a;shortcoming of advertising?;Question 8 options;1);It does;not allow dramatization of brand or company.;2);It only provides one-way;communication with customers.;3);It is;too customized and only attracts niche markets.;4);It can;only be used to attract target or specific customers.;5);It is;the most expensive promotion tool for companies.;Save;Question;9(1 point);Which of the following is an;advantage of using television as an advertising medium?;Question 9 options;1);low cost per exposure;2);high;audience selectivity;3);low;absolute cost;4);low ad;clutter;5);prominent;exposure;Save;Question;10(1 point);Which of the following is the;quickest medium through which a company can advertise or send a message to its;customers?;Question 10 options;1);magazines;2);radio;3);television;4);the Internet;5);direct;mailing;Question 11(1 point);How is spending on advertising;calculated in the affordable method of setting an advertising budget?;Question 11 options;1);based on;the company's objectives set for accomplishment;2);based on an amount remaining after;operating expenses and capital outlays are deducted from total revenues;3);based on;a certain percentage of current or forecasted sales;4);based on;a percentage of the unit sales price;5);based on;matching a competitors advertising outlays;Save;Question;12(1 point);The Trainstar Company is a;sportswear equipment manufacturer that is planning to release a new line of;energy drinks called Revitalizer. In the ad for the energy drink the company;showed different people going for a morning jog, working out in a gym;jazzercising, and doing aerobics. At the end of the ad, there are clips of;these people stopping their activity, drinking Revitalizer, becoming visibly;re-energized after drinking, and then continuing their exercises. Which of the;following kind of advertising styles did the Trainstar Company use for the;Revitalizer ad?;Question 12 options;1);scientific;advertising;2);technical;expertise;3);personality;symbol;4);testimonial;evidence;5);lifestyle;Save;Question;13(1 point);One of the limitations of using;magazines as a medium for advertising is its long ad purchasing lead time.;Question 13 options;1) True;2) False;Save;Question;14(1 point);Reach is a measure of the;percentage of people in the target market who are exposed to the ad campaign;during a given period of time.;Question 14 options;1) True;2) False;Save;Question;15(1 point);In the promotion mix;performs the functions of building a good rapport with entities outside the;company, building up a good corporate image, and handling or heading off unfavorable;rumors, stories, and events.;Question 15 options;1);personal;selling;2);sales;promotion;3);crowdsourcing;4);advertising;5);public relations;Save


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