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Question;MKT 562 Brand Management;Select two brands that are competing against each other such;as Nike versus Adidas, Budweiser;versus Miller, Coca;Cola versus Pepsi, Rolex versus TAG Heuer, etc. Before you start your report;please Email your;instructor the brands you have chosen so (s)he can approve them. Do not;start work on your;report unless you and your instructor have come to a clear agreement;regarding the brands;you will be writing about.;Compare and contrast the two brands? overall branding;strategies. Essentially you are supposed;to conduct a brand audit;for these brands, including;1. Their target markets;2. Their positioning strategies (create a two-dimensional;perceptual map using the two;most important;attributes and plot the positions of these brands as well as the positions;of several other key;competitors). Where are the two brands located relative to each other? Which one occupies the best position;and why? What are the limitations of this;two-dimensional perceptual map in terms of capturing the competitive;positions of the brands? What are the;POPs and PODs of the two brands?;3. Identify and compare the brand elements of each brand;including brand names and URLs, logos;symbols, characters, slogans, and packaging.;4. Identify and compare each of the two brands? methods of leveraging;secondary brand associations, including;company image, country of origin, co-branding, licensing, celebrity;endorsements, and sporting, cultural, or other events.;5. Compare the brands? pricing, distribution, and promotion;strategies. Provide links to key commercials, print ads, etc., and assess to what;degree the brands manage to communicate their messages.;6. Based on all the above information, describe each brand?s;identity and image. Which one do you think has done a better job in creating;and maintaining an image that enhances;its brand equity the most and why?;7. Pretend that you are a brand management consultant. What;advice would you provide to each one of the two brands in terms of improving their;competitive position and maximizing brand equity in the future? For that you;will need to provide your assessment as to the key trends in the brands?;markets.;Your report should be written in a Word document and;submitted to the Dropbox (This;Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin). Make sure to provide;all references and proper citations;for all the sources you have used in your report.;In addition to official sources, you can also use;information based on your own experiences with the brands as well as;information given to you by friends and acquaintances who are familiar with the;brands. You may also conduct your own research by giving out questionnaires to;friends and family and have them rate the brands. Obviously such limited surveys;may not be representative, but they can nevertheless add to all other secondary;data sources.;There is neither an upper nor a lower page limit for your;report. However, this being a business document, you need to avoid unnecessary;information, while addressing all 7 topics listed above. The Term Paper is to;be submitted to the appropriate Dropbox by the conclusion of


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