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Question;Question 1(1 point);Restrictive;product standards is an example of ________.;Question;1 options;1);tariffs;2);excise;3);quotas;4);nontariff trade barriers;5);exchange;controls;Save;Question 2(1 point);Product;invention consists of ________.;Question;2 options;1);marketing;a product in a foreign market without making any changes to the product;2);taking;the product as is and finding customers for it;3);modifying;advertising messages to local markets;4);creating something new to meet the;needs of consumers in a given country;5);upgrading;the product to meet local requirements, conditions, or wants;Save;Question 3(1 point);Licensing;is a type of ________.;Question;3 options;1);contract manufacturing;2);Greenfield;investment;3);direct;investment;4);management;contracting;5);joint;venture;Save;Question 4(1 point);Which of;the following is a drawback of contract manufacturing?;Question;4 options;1);The;chances of quickly starting the process are very low.;2);There is decreased control over the;manufacturing process.;3);The risks;involved are relatively high.;4);There is;little opportunity of forming a partnership.;5);The scope;of buying out the local manufacturer is limited.;Save;Question 5(1 point);A;country in South America has large reserves of copper and tin. Mining forms the;pillar of its economy. A major part of its revenue is generated from exporting;these resources. This country is poor in many other ways. It is a good market;for large equipment, tools and supplies, and trucks. Since there are many;foreign residents in this country and a wealthy upper class, it is also a;market for luxury goods. This country has a(n) ________ economy.;Question;5 options;1);subsistence;2);raw material exporting;3);emerging;4);industrializing;5);industrial;Question 6(1 point);Which of the following is an;advantage of direct investment?;Question 6 options;1);Direct;investment involves lower risk as compared to joint venturing.;2);Direct;investment involves the least change in the company's investments and;mission.;3);The firm keeps full control over;the investment.;4);Direct;investment involves minimum investment.;5);There is;no risk of devalued or restricted currency.;Save;Question;7(1 point);Which of the following is true;of geographical organizations?;Question 7 options;1);Geographical;organizations are operating units under the export department.;2);Geographical;organizations are usually formed if the company is simply shipping out its;goods.;3);Geographical;organizations are managed by multiple country managers, each responsible;for the whole organization's sales and profits.;4);Geographical;organizations are inadequate if the firm moves into joint ventures or;direct investments.;5);Geographical organizations are managed;by country managers responsible for salespeople, distributors, and;licensees in their respective countries.;Save;Question;8(1 point);involves the least;change in the company's product lines, organization, investments, or mission.;Question 8 options;1);Joint;ownership;2);Exporting;3);Direct;investment;4);Licensing;5);Contract;manufacturing;Save;Question;9(1 point);The ________ replaced GATT in;1995 and now oversees the original GATT provisions.;Question 9 options;1);International;Labor Organization;2);World Trade Organization;3);International;Monetary Fund;4);World;Bank;5);European;Union;Save;Question;10(1 point);Japan is a major exporter of;manufactured goods, services, and investment funds. Japan also exports its;goods to other types of economies for raw materials and semifinished goods.;Japan has a(n) ________ economy.;Question 10 options;1);industrializing;2);emerging;3);industrial;4);raw;material exporting;5);subsistence;Question 11(1 point);The similarity between an;industrializing economy and an industrial economy is that both ________.;Question 11 options;1);offer;few market opportunities;2);create a;new rich class and a small but growing middle class;3);have;equal number of low-, middle-, and high-income groups;4);are rich;markets only for finished goods;5);are importers of raw materials;Save;Question;12(1 point);Which of the following is true;of communication adaptation for a company entering a foreign market?;Question 12 options;1);Language;adjustments are considered unimportant.;2);Cultural;differences are seen as a negligible necessity in the process.;3);A;strategy of fully modifying advertising messages to local markets is used.;4);As media;availability is similar across countries, media need not be adapted;internationally.;5);A standardized advertising theme;is used as consumer needs around the world are becoming more similar.;Save;Question;13(1 point);Lemon N' Honey is a juice;manufacturing company in the U.S. It exports its products to Australia;licenses to China, has a joint ownership venture in France, and owns a;subsidiary in Brazil. It will eventually create a(n) ________ to handle all its;worldwide activities.;Question 13 options;1);international division;2);truly;global organization;3);value;delivery network;4);export;department;5);domestic;division;Save;Question;14(1 point);Which of the following is an;advantage of licensing?;Question 14 options;1);Licensing;is the most economical method of going global.;2);The firm;has equal control over the licensee as it would over its own operations.;3);The licensee gains a name without;having to start from scratch.;4);If the;licensee is successful, the firm earns more profits than it would do on;its own.;5);The firm;does not have the risk of creating a future competitor in the form of the;licensee once the contract ends.;Save;Question;15(1 point);Which of the following is a;disadvantage of straight product extension?;Question 15 options;1);Straight;product extension involves additional product development costs.;2);The;product needs to go through manufacturing changes to meet local;requirements.;3);Straight;product extension requires planning a new promotional strategy to promote;the product.;4);Straight product extension can be;costly in the long run if products fail to satisfy consumers.;5);Straight;product extension has been disastrous in most cases.


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