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Question;It is always the case: appliances breakdown when you need them the most.;Today's high will be 94, with the heat index at about a million.;After venting my frustration at an inanimate object, I realize someone;must repair the air conditioner, however, it will not be me. Since I;know as much about repairing appliances as I know about quantum physics;I solicit recommendations from friends about repair companies. Jenn;Electric, a local company, is highly recommended. I confirm on Angie?s;List that it is reputable. I call, a repair person will come out in;three days between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and charge 60 dollars for an;estimate. When the repair person arrives at 2:05 p.m. to my;surprise it is an old friend from college. After some reminiscing and;current events, John Paul says, ?Since you=re in marketing, how can I;increase my business?? In other words, improve my company's sales in;the next five minutes or be exposed as a charlatan! A simple question;with a complicated answer. We discuss the business: he advertises;in the Yellow Pages and the Penny Saver (i.e., a weekly publication of;local news but mostly advertisements), but most advertising is by;word-of- mouth, he places stickers with the company name and number on;repaired items, and he distributes business cards. The busiest time of;the year is summer. A company representative will travel up to 50;minutes for a customer, basically, the entire Tampa-St. Petersburg;metropolitan area. The business is family owned. John Paul and his;father are the repair people, and John Paul=s wife is the;receptionist/office worker. Both repair people are certified by GE;Electric, the father with more than 19 years of experience. Although;John Paul has worked for Jenn for only three years, the business was;started by his father 14 years ago. In between dismembering my air;conditioner, John Paul offers me his business card which he explains is;basically the same as the Yellow Pages and Penny Saver advertisements.;The business card is as follows: Dismemberment;though, is not listed. With parts strewn all over, I am hoping John;Paul concentrates on repairing the air conditioner, but he continues to;Apump@ me for information. The problem, according to John;Paul, is getting new customers, not in keeping current customers, most;of whom seem satisfied although they do not gather information on;customer satisfaction. With each household having multiple appliances;even a small increase in customers could prove very valuable. ?We did;create a flyer once,? he mentions, ?a simple one-page that detailed the;same info as the business card and Yellow Pages, but it didn't produce;any results.? After further questioning, John Paul reveals that the;advertisement may not have looked very professional and was only;delivered on one occasion to areas within walking distance of their;office. John Paul asks, ?Maybe you could design an ad for us??;Jokingly, although I am hoping he will agree, I say, ?Maybe we could;barter the repair cost for my assistance in your advertising?? He does;not answer. In detailing competitors, John Paul says, most are;short-lived. Hence, it is easy to start a business but difficult to;stay in business. Jenn Electric's customers, according to John Paul;want affordable, dependable service with a company that will be in;existence a year from now. When I press him about which is more;important, he admits he does not know. The company does not even keep a;list of customers. Although John Paul wants a quick, succinct;answer, I promise to consider his situation and get back to him within a;few weeks. Assuming Jenn Electric operates in the Tampa Bay area, how;would you improve Jenn Electric, specifically, to increase the number of;customers, company profit, and customer satisfaction? Your answer must;detail, at a minimum, (please answer by question): i) specific company objectives (SMART), ii) segmentation (list possible segments in the market)(be very specific), iii) Jenn=s target market (choose one or more segments from part ii), iv) Jenn=s competitive advantage (provide justification), v) marketing research (include a survey questionnaire on a separate page), vi) SWOT, vii) product modifications (marketing mix/4Ps), viii) creative brief and advertisements, and ix) media plan (types of promotion used and a schedule of when they run for the next six months).


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