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Question;Disscussion 2"Sovereignty and Political Risks" Please;respond to the following;Speculate on why sovereignty is an important consideration in the political;environment of global marketing. Provide one (1) example to support your;response.;Determine two to four (2-4) sources of political risk to international;marketing overall. Include at least three (3) forms that political risk takesDiscussion 1"Hofstede?s Cultural Typology" Please;respond to the following;Analyze the key differences between a high-context and a low-context;country. Provide an example country from Table 4-2 of your textbook to support;your response.;Distinguish between Power Distance Index (PDI) and Uncertainty / Avoidance;relative to the country that you chose in the first part of this discussion.;Support your analysis with rationale for these two (2) dimensions


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