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Saint MKT569 ESRI Case study




Question;1. Of the three types of uncertainty that characterize high-tech markets, which type is ESRI experiencing most acutely? Elaborate and provide strategic implications for ESRI.;2. What are the characteristics of the newest competitors that have allowed them to gain traction in the GIS industry?;3. To what extent does ESRI face ?disruption,? in the classic (Chapter 1) sense of the word?;4. Should ESRI explicitly target the new GIS customer (mainstream, nonprofessional, low-end)? If so, what organizational changes might this require (Chapter 2, Chapter 3)?;5. How would you characterize GIS diffusion in terms of the categories of adopters? Has it crossed the chasm?;6. How can companies such as ESRI compete in this era of ?free? (Chapter 10)?;7. What should the traditional GIS vendors such as ESRI do, in light of the new industry trends?


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