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Question;Question 1 (33.3%)Jobe Smith has decided to build his manufacturing business (lawn mowers in the U.S.)around the production concept. If this approach is taken, what will be Mr. Smith?sprimary areas of concentration as he builds his business? What issues might Mr. Smithface in deciding to go with this concept as he builds his business?Question 2 (33.3%)A pharmaceutical manufacture followed sales representatives in the field to observe some150 interactions between sales reps and physicians and support staff. The watched salesreps approach the doctors, how they got around their gatekeepers, how they deliveredtheir brands? messages, and so forth. These observations led to improvements in trainingnew reps.In what category of research would this study fall? Provide advantages anddisadvantages of this category of research. What would be the next step in the marketingresearch process?Question 3 (33.3%)A large international rental car company decided to develop a customer retentionprogram. The program?s goal is to motivate its heavy users to continue being loyal to thecompany by offering them appropriate incentives. Create a marketing research plan tohelp the company design the retention program. Specifically, you need to identify:a. Why this program is importantb. The type of information the company needs to design the retention program.c. Where to get this information.


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