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MKTG610 Case 3 analysis- Nascar Case




Question;Objective:To recommend a new product strategy for a clearly identified target market that addresses the organizations root problem.;Expectations;Begin by reading the Nascar Case in the text.;Assume;the year is 2015 and prepare a 3 page proposal memo to the CEO with a;comprehensive new product strategy for a clearly identified target;market.;Your proposal must include;Identification of the root problem you feel needs to be addressed in no more than one paragraph.;Identification;of the target market you plan to attract with the new strategy;including demographic, behavioral, geographic and psychographic;segmentation descriptors. Include rationale for why this particular;market was selected supported by data.;New;Product Strategy ? comprehensive description of tangible and intangible;attributes of the product, ?type? of product, form of strategy option;used for this new product development, differentiation and positioning;strategy. Be sure to include your rationale supported by data.;Be;sure your proposal is comprehensive and includes the appropriate;marketing concepts that will convince the CEO of your expertise and;validity of ideas.;Format;This does not have to be in APA format, however you must include a Reference page with at least 3 references.;Not to exceed 3 pages, not including References.


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