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strayer university mkt100 week 1 to week 5 discussion




Question;Week 1 discussion;Marketing Strategy and the Five Ps of;Marketing" Please respond to the following;?;* From the e-Activity, compare the;marketing strategies of Nike and Adidas, and explain which company had the;winning strategy. Provide a rationale for your response.;?;* From the simulation, discuss the;manner in which each of the 5 Ps is related to customer relationship;management. Support your point of view with examples of such relationships.;Week 2 discussions;Marketing Objectives and Ethics;in Marketing" Please respond to the following;?;* From the simulation, examine the;marketing objectives of a company of your choice and discuss how its strategies;are aligned to the objectives.;?;* From the e-Activity, discuss the;primary reasons why firms that focus on fairness to stakeholders are more;likely to be seen as ethical than those that do not. Explain the fundamental;reasons why it is important to include marketing ethics at all stages of the;marketing process.;Week 3 discussion;?Segmentatio? and ?Consumer and;Business Buying Behavior?" Please respond to the following;?;* From the simulation, determine one;(1) segmentation variable by which you will collect research data for a product;that you wish to market and sell online. Include all of the factors and;characteristics you will consider under the selected variable. Provide a;rationale for the selection of the variable, and the related factors and;characteristics.;?;Describe your experience of buying at;least two (2) consumer products which you thought were targeted specifically to;meet your needs. Discuss the segmentation strategy that the companies that make;the chosen products used in order to sell them.;Week 4 discussn;Business Markets and Global;Marketing" Please respond to the following;?;* From the simulation, explain the;key factors that you need to consider while selling to organizations, and;determine whether it is easier to sell to individual consumers. Provide a;rationale for your response.;?;ANMCorp is a popular automobile;company in the U.S. with many well-recognized brands. The company now plans to;market its flagship product, a convertible luxury sedan, in Singapore. Imagine;that you have been asked to assist ANMCorp?s marketing team in devising a;marketing strategy for its new move. Determine the key global factors ANMCorp;will need to consider for a successful launch of the product in Singapore.;Provide a rationale for your response.;Week 5 disccunn;Market Penetration and;Branding" Please respond to the following;?;* From the simulation, differentiate;sales promotion activities from loyalty programs, and explain which of the two;(2) is more effective. Justify your response.;?;Assume that you have been given the;task of developing the branding strategy for Achilles? new casual shoes for;children. Select a brand name for the new product, and determine the branding;strategy that you would use for this product.


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