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Saint MKT569 Skype Case study




Question;Skype - (p.484);1. describe the environment in which Skype competes based on the three characteristics of high-tech markets;2. given the technological uncertainty present in the VoIP mobile market, would Skype be likely to emerge as a leader? explain your reasoning;3. Would VoIP be considered a disruptive technology by wireless carriers? explain;4. Collect current statistics regarding the number of Voip users. At what stage of the adoption-and-diffusion process is this technology?;5. what would be an ideal beachhead for Skype to focus its efforts on?;6. what are the elements of a whole product solution for VoIP? What are the implications for Skype in terms of crossing the chasm?;7. What are the pros and cons of Skypes selection of a proprietary VoIP?;8. What are the characteristics of a business that can successfully implement an advertising-based business model? does Skype possess those characteristics?;9. Analyze the pros and cons of the three alternatives discussed in the case, what other strategies are available to generate revenue, make a recommendation for a viable business model for Skype to succees;10. is Skype likely to become the money making machine that ebay envisioned? why/why not


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