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Question;Question 1(1 point) Which of the following best describes a company's business portfolio?Question 1 options:1)the company's sources of revenue and the investments it makes in a particular year2)the various industries in which the company operates business ventures3)the company's products or services in a particular market category4)the collection of businesses and products that make up the company5)the company's strengths in terms of technology, people, products, advertising, etc.SaveQuestion 2(1 point) Which of the following products would CypressSound classify as a cash cow in on its BCG matrix?Question 2 options:1)Cyan, a cell phone that is specially designed for music lovers, has a very low market share, though the market is growing steadily.2)The home entertainment system offered by CypressSound has a strong market share, and the market is likely to expand in the future.3)Xpress, an MP3 player, has a high market share, but the market for MP3 players is not expected to grow significantly.4)AutoPlay, the company's audio product for installation in cars, has a high market share, and the market for these systems has been growing constantly.5)Unipress, a CD player, has a very low market share in a market that is shrinking rapidly.SaveQuestion 3(1 point) In the marketing mix, product means the tangible goods the company offers to the target market, while promotions include the services offered.Question 3 options:1) True2) FalseSaveQuestion 4(1 point) In a SWOT analysis, which of the following would be considered a strength for a company?Question 4 options:1)a favorable economic climate that encourages consumption2)the exit of a competitor from the market3)inflation, which leads to higher prices of the company's products4)increasing consumer interest in its products5)the company developing improved production technologySaveQuestion 5(1 point) In the BCG growth-share matrix, stars refer to ________.Question 5 options:1)products with a low market share in a niche market2)products with a low relative market share in a market with high growth prospects3)products that have a greater market share than all their competitors combined in a saturated market4)products with a high market share in a market with a high growth rate5)products with a low market share in a market that is set to decrease significantlySaveQuestion 6(1 point) Omni Healthcare's analgesic drug Cetaprin has a 40% share in the analgesics market in Terrania. Its closest competitor, Febex, has a 25% share in the market, while three other drugs split the remainder. Which of the following would most indicate that Cetaprin would be classified as a star according to the BCG matrix?Question 6 options:1)Cetaprin is priced higher than other similar products in the market.2)A customer survey revealed that Cetaprin has the highest brand-name recognition of any analgesic in the market.3)The demand for analgesic drugs in the Terranian market is expected to remain stable.4)Febex is rapidly gaining market share over Cetaprin as a result of aggressive marketing efforts.5)The Terranian market for healthcare products is expanding rapidly.SaveQuestion 7(1 point) A company can assess marketing ROI in terms of standard marketing performance measures, such as brand awareness, sales, or market share.Question 7 options:1) True2) FalseSaveQuestion 8(1 point) When using a harvesting strategy for a particular strategic business unit, a company ________.Question 8 options:1)focuses on gaining short-term cash flow regardless of long-term concerns2)invests more in the business unit to build its market share3)sells off the strategic business unit and invests its resources elsewhere4)invests just enough in the strategic business unit to keep its market share at the current level5)gradually increases investment in the strategic business unit over time, to maximize profitsSaveQuestion 9(1 point) In the functional system of marketing organization, a product manager develops and implements a complete strategy and marketing program for a specific product or brand.Question 9 options:1) True2) FalseSaveQuestion 10(1 point) In a SWOT analysis, ________ refer to external factors that the company may be able to exploit to its advantage.Question 10 options:1)strengths2)strategies3)weaknesses4)opportunities5)controlsSaveQuestion 11(1 point) The process that turns marketing plans into marketing actions to accomplish strategic marketing objectives is called ________.Question 11 options:1)marketing analysis2)marketing implementation3)marketing control4)marketing audits5)marketing budgetingSaveQuestion 12(1 point) Company growth through starting up or acquiring businesses outside the company's current products and markets is called ________.Question 12 options:1)vertical integration2)market development3)diversification4)market penetration5)product developmentSaveQuestion 13(1 point) Marketing ROI is the net return from a marketing investment divided by the costs of the marketing investment.Question 13 options:1) True2) FalseSaveQuestion 14(1 point) Which of the following groups is included in a company's value chain?Question 14 options:1)customers2)suppliers3)employees4)distributors5)competitorsSaveQuestion 15(1 point) Greyzone, a company manufacturing office furniture, is based in Terrania. Greyzone aims to increase sales of its products in Terrania by increasing its advertising efforts and undertaking frequent promotional events. Which of the following strategies is Greyzone using?Question 15 options:1)market penetration2)market development3)downsizing4)diversification5)product development


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