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Question;Question 1(1 point) Which of the following factors would come under the demographic environment for marketers?Question 1 options:1)the company's competitors2)the company's suppliers3)the company's shareholders4)the level of technological advancement in the company's production processes5)the educational level of the company's customersSaveQuestion 2(1 point) Which of the following would be a component of a company's marketing microenvironment?Question 2 options:1)a just-in-time inventory system followed by the company when making purchase decisions2)a set of laws that require the company to scale down its promotional phone calls to customers3)a changing demographic picture that the firm has to constantly adapt its products to4)a new technology that would ensure significant cost-cutting if implemented in the firm5)a set of environmental sustainability laws that significantly impact the company's production processesSaveQuestion 3(1 point) The ________ prohibits Web sites operators from collecting personal information from children without obtaining consent from a parent and allowing parents to review information collected from their children.Question 3 options:1)Children's Online Privacy Protection Act2)Do-Not-Call Implementation Act3)CAN-SPAM Act4)Telephone Consumer Protection Act5)Consumer Product Safety ActSaveQuestion 4(1 point) Running advertorials to shape public opinion is an example of a proactive marketing stance taken by a company.Question 4 options:1) True2) FalseSaveQuestion 5(1 point) The rapid increase in people telecommuting has increased the SOHO market in the United States.Question 5 options:1) True2) FalseSaveQuestion 6(1 point) Large societal forces like demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural forces that affect the microenvironment are considered to be part of the ________ of an organization.Question 6 options:1)supplier chain2)macroenvironment3)marketing intermediaries4)internal environment5)distribution channelsSaveQuestion 7(1 point) Dextora Technologies manufactures microprocessors and caters exclusively to companies that produce high-end computers. Which of the following types of markets does Dextora target in this scenario?Question 7 options:1)retail markets2)government markets3)consumer markets4)business markets5)reseller marketsSaveQuestion 8(1 point) JiJi Distributors Ltd. buys products from manufacturers for wholesale, and sells them to retailers. Which of the following markets does JiJi Distributors Ltd. cater to?Question 8 options:1)business markets2)reseller markets3)manufacturer markets4)supplier markets5)niche marketsSaveQuestion 9(1 point) Which of the following is an example of an internal public in a company's marketing environment?Question 9 options:1)a community organization that tries to bridge the gap between the company and the community2)a supplier responsible for sourcing most of the raw materials used in production3)a company director who is working to improve the company's image in the society4)a bank that helps the company acquire loans5)a consumer organization that questions the actions taken by the companySaveQuestion 10(1 point) Which of the following is true of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act?Question 10 options:1)It establishes the Consumer Product Safety Commission and authorizes it to set safety standards for telephones and related accessories.2)It authorizes the FTC to determine rules and regulations for consumer warranties.3)It authorizes the implementation of the National Do-Not-Call Registry.4)It prohibits discrimination against hiring people with disabilities in the telecommunication business.5)It limits marketers' use of automatic dialing systems and artificial or prerecorded voices.SaveQuestion 11(1 point) Subsistence economies provide the best marketing opportunities to companies.Question 11 options:1) True2) FalseSaveQuestion 12(1 point) One of the demographic trends seen in the United States over the last few decades is the decrease in the proportion of ________.Question 12 options:1)professional workers2)manufacturing workers3)white-collar workers4)telecommuters5)women employeesSaveQuestion 13(1 point) Customer markets are considered to be a factor of a manufacturer's microenvironment.Question 13 options:1) True2) FalseSaveQuestion 14(1 point) Which of the following is an example of a marketing intermediary?Question 14 options:1)a firm that acts as a liaison between the company and the government2)a firm that provides technical expertise on the production design of a particular product3)a firm that is a direct competitor to the company's products4)a firm that supplies raw materials needed for manufacturing the company's products5)a firm that helps move the company's stocks from production points to distribution centersSaveQuestion 15(1 point) ________ are distribution channel firms that help the company find customers or make sales to them.Question 15 options:1)Resellers2)Suppliers3)Producers4)Consumers5)Government agencies


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