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You are responsible for developing an Integrated Marketing Communications plan for New Belgium Brewing.




Question;Week;5 Case Analysis -Integrated;Marketing Communications Plan;You are responsible for developing an Integrated Marketing;Communications plan for New Belgium Brewing.;Begin by reviewing the details of the case ? New Belgium Brewing;(B) in the text to understand the beginning launch of this product.;Assume that you have taken on the role of Marketing Communications;Manager today. Although the company has increased sales through broader;distribution, sales are currently flat.Senior management has;determined that you need to capture a new target audience with the same;products and develop an Integrated Marketing Communications plan for the period;October 2013(4) ? September 2013(4).;Your plan must include;Description of selected Target Market. Description should include;demographic and psychographic factors and likely media preferences.;Objectives for the year (what do you need your communication;tactic to accomplish?)Be specific: are you building awareness, interest etc, and what;percentage of the market do you hope to impact?;Establish your communication approach ? push vs. pull with;rationale as to why you have selected this approach.;Determine mix of media to accomplish your goals and evaluate why;each media is chosen.;Create Budget (see constraints below) and a specific calendar for;communication tactics and describe the flow of activities, month by month.;Compose the message (slogan, tag line or compelling reason to;purchase) and describe how you visualize it being executed.;For this project assume the follow: Total Budget Allocation for 12;months is $8,000,000;Costs per media;30;second TV Spot;$350,000 per spot;30 second Local Radio;$10,000 per spot;Full Page National Magazine Ad;$350,000 per issue;? page;$245,000 per issue;? page;$175,000 per issue;Informational Website;$15,000;Transactional Website;$25,000;Internet Advertising;$35,000 per outlet;Sales Promotion & Couponing;$405,000 per campaign;Direct Mail per 10,000 pieces;$10,000;Trade Show ? National Scope;$975,000;Direct Sales Staffing ? per person;$125,000;Sales Staff Promotion ?per person;$45,000;Brochures and Collateral Material;$80,000;Sport Event Marketing;$1,200,000;per event;Requirements;This is a business planning project. You want your final output to;convince your new boss you know what you?re doing. Let your creativity come out;AND, be sure to provide solid rationale for your decisions tied to the;marketing communication concepts;Options for format include;Business Proposal document: This would be in proposal format with;the use of both text and bullet points to make your case. Maximum of 3 pages;not including Reference Page.;Powerpoint, Presi or Multimedia presentation: This should include;the use of the notes function for PPT for your full text or even audio if;you're so inclined.;This;is a business planning project so APA format is not required for the text and;content.;In-text citations and an APA reference page are expected. And;a minimum of 3 sources beyond the text are expected.;You will not be evaluated on which Target Market you select. You;will be evaluated on how well you understand the selected Target Market and how;your decisions connect directly with this market.;A;few resources regarding Integrated Marketing Communications -;; section/Sample IMC plan template.pdf


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