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Question;Topic 1 ? BlogsBegin by researching ?marketing? blogs. Here are a few places to begin ? please do not limit your research to these sources. or a blog you believe is credible and well developed - supporting your decision with facts. Share the URL and provide a brief overview of the blog contents and author.Identify how you think this blog and blogs in general are influencing marketing decisions made by consumers and companies. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this medium as information for the marketplace? How would you as a marketer use this information?Two (2) references are required beyond the text book. Be sure to cite and source in APA format.Topic 2 - Trends and Opportunities reviewing the video from the link provided, research and discuss the following.Identify one of the 4 cultural shifts discussed and research additional examples and evidence of the shift. Provide examples of how the market has responded to the shift with products or services.Based on research, explain what you see as the trajectory of this cultural shift. Is it completed? just starting? still going strong? has the shift changed or evolved into something slightly different?Finally-how does where the shift is (beginning, middle, end, dead) impact the companies, products and services. Give examplesPlease include at least 2 academic sources for your research beyond the textbook. Cite and source in APA format.week 2Topic 1: Case Analysis ? USA Today?You have been hired by the company to develop the strategy that will turn this situation around.Using your SWOT analysis as the foundation for detailed analysis, prepare the following portions of your recommendation to the firm.Identify the key/root problem. While there may be several problems and a multitude of symptoms, identify the problem you feel is central to this case. Be sure to describe this in marketing terms and support it with specific data from the case.Alternative Solutions. Developtwoalternative solutions to the defined problem. This should not be a laundry list of actions one could take to address every symptom, but alternative actions that could correct the problem at hand.Identify the pros and consof implementing each alternative. Clearly articulate the advantages and disadvantage to each of your proposed solutions.Proposed Solution to the Problem: Select one of the alternatives and explain why it would be best. Include data from your research (beyond the data in the text) that supports your choice of solutions.Recommendations for Implementation: Identify how you propose to implement the selected solution. Include the key factors of marketing, target market, environment, or marketing mix elements (product, price, promotion, or distribution) and what the expected results (positive and negative) might be.Keep your responses complete and concise.3 References required. Be sure to cite your sources within the text and include your APA Reference list.="msonormal">Topic 2 - Happiness and Spaghetti SauceAs a marketing concept, segmentation has become so common place that we hardly realize when it is being used. However not that long ago, all cars came in only black.View the video posted titled Happiness & Spaghetti Sauce. what is being written about segmentation principlestodayin academic articles and journals. (The DU Library has many databases to support this search.) Bring to the discussion, what you have learned as it relates to one of the segmentation topics discussed in the text- such as Common Segmentation Variables, Individualized Segmentation Approaches, Selection of Target Markets or VALS Consumer Profiles. Apply this knowledge by providing examples of the principles in today?s marketplace.At least 3 Academic references are required, cited and sourced in APA format.Week 3Topic 1 ? Product DevelopmentInnovation and new product introductions are essential to all businesses. Our video this week highlights many ways in which innovation has created brand loyalty by answering the needs of the market. Be sure to research and review the concepts of New Product Development highlighted in the text before viewing the video. your areas of interest, find an example of new product (or service) introductions that you feel is really answering a new need, impacting an industry or making a difference in a community. Discuss and describe it in relation to the specific type of product or services ? (refer to text) and analyze which of the 6 strategic options (from text) to product introductions you feel this represents.Support your analysis with at least 2 resources beyond text cited in APA format.Topic 2 ? Sigma MarketingRead and review Sigma Marketing case from the text. Focusing on the Product Life Cycle of desk calendars, analyze the phases of Sigma?s strategy as the product passed through phases. Using research regarding Product Life Cycle, recommend potential product strategies for Sigma Marketing. Support your recommendations with researched rationale.Support your analysis with at least 3 resources beyond text cited in APA format.Week 4;Topic 1 ? Pricing;You have developed a new line of;high-end organic balsamic vinegars. Several of your varieties are being;used in restaurants in Chicago and have been well accepted by chefs and;customers. You have decided to launch the product in both the retail and;wholesale markets.;Determine your pricing objectives and;develop your pricing strategy. Support your decisions.;Using the following information, apply;your strategy and determine your pricing as well as break even in units.;Support your decisions.;Bottle, Label and Production (direct;material and labor);$9.12;per 12 oz. bottle;Advertising & promotion;$218,000;Company Overhead;$354,000;Bottle, Label and Production (direct;material and labor);$9.12 per;12 oz. bottle;Advertising & promotion;$218,000;Company Overhead;$354,000;="msonormal">="msonormal">="msonormal">Topic 2 ? Distribution;Based;on your research of distribution and channel strategy, develop a distribution;strategy for your Balsamic Vinegar company. Be sure to include: structure;or level of distribution and decisions on direct or dual distribution. Include;specific distribution channels (actual firms) in your recommendations and;support your rationale with at least 3 outside sources.Week 5 Discussion;Topic 1 ? Social Media;View;the video ?Social Media Revolution 2012 -;Research articles about the use of Social Media in marketing and;determine effective and ineffective strategies for use.;Discuss how technology has changed the ways companies market to;you. Research and bring examples of personalize marketing communications via;new technology. Are these effective ? why or why not?;How do you think it will change in the next 3-5 years?;Include your own research on the future of marketing;communications.;At least 3 outside sources are required, cited in APA format.;Topic 2 ? Push vs Pull;Research the concepts of Push vs. Pull Communication Strategies.;Develop an explanation in your own words of the differences;between the two.;Provide an example of a product that has benefited from an;effective Pull Strategy and one example of a product that has had an effective;Push strategy.;A minimum of 3 academic references expected cited in APA format.Week 6 Discussion;This;week we only have 1 Topic - so let's make the most of it.;Research the current business environment and identify an;organization that has recently (within the last 2- 3years) undergone a serious;strategic reformulation and change.;What were the challenges the company faced that catalyzed this;change?;What shifts did they make - a) Market Evolution, b) Technological;Innovation, c) Market Redefinition, or d) a Change in Marketing;Channels e) other - to execute the Strategic Change?;Discuss the results ?are they positioned now for future success;or are more changes needed? Give rationale ? why/why not.;What additional recommendations do you have for the firm? Provide;specific details (don?t just say ? advertise more without giving deals;regarding media and message.;3 external references are required, cited in APA format.Week 7 Discussion;View;the video;;Discuss the concepts of this video and how you see it playing out;in the marketplace or in your life. Do you feel this is an accurate read on the;trends? Why or why not? What would you like to see companies do in;response to this trend? Be specific and visionary.Topic 2 ? Socially Responsible Firms;The triple bottom line ?;profits, people and the planet is becoming a focus for many businesses. And;yet consumers wonder how many organizations are genuine in their approach?;Has Social Responsibility become a fad? A marketing hook? A;cliche? Research companies that are truly using Social Responsibility as a;significant part of their strategy, and how they are leveraging this focus to;increase their market share. Does social responsibility make a difference;in your purchase decisions?;="margin:>


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