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Davenport MKTG610 week 5 discussion




Question;discussion 1View the video ?Social Media Revolution 2012 - articles about the use of Social Media in marketing and determine effective and ineffective strategies for use.Discuss how technology has changed the ways companies market to you. Research and bring examples of personalize marketing communications via new technology. Are these effective ? why or why not?How do you think it will change in the next 3-5 years?Include your own research on the future of marketing communications.At least 3 outside sources are required, cited in APA format.discussion 2Research the concepts of Push vs. Pull Communication Strategies.Develop an explanation in your own words of the differences between the two.Provide an example of a product that has benefited from an effective Pull Strategy and one example of a product that has had an effective Push strategy.A minimum of 3 academic references expected cited in APA format.="msonormal">


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