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Question;1. Selecting which segments of a population of customers to serve is called2. ?Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door? reflects the _______ concept.3. The set of marketing tools a firm uses to implement its marketing strategy is called the________.4. Building, keeping, and growing profitable relationships by delivering customer value and satisfaction is called5. Which of the following is most essential to any definition of marketing?6. Henry Ford's philosophy was to perfect the Model-T so that its cost could be reduced further for increased consumer affordability. This reflects the ________ concept.7. Kao Corp., which makes Ban deodorant, invited teenage girls to make an ad that would encourage other girls to buy the product. This program is an example of ________.8. When the economy tightens, customer loyalty and customer retention become ________ for marketers.9. ________ should be market oriented and defined in terms of ________10. Most portfolio analysis methods evaluate SBUs on two dimensions, namely ________ and_______.11. The BCG growth-share matrix classifies four types of SBUs. They are ________, ________,________, and ________.12. Which of the following does NOT accurately reflect a problem with the BCG matrix approach?13. The process of customer-driven marketing involves which of the following?14. Effective positioning begins with ________ the company's marketing offer in order to give consumers more perceived value.15. In the four Ps of the marketing mix, design, packaging, services, and variety all fall under the category of ________16. Which of the following measures the profits generated by investments in marketing activities?17. Which of the following terms is used to describe the factors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management's ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers?18. Banks, credit companies, insurance companies, and other businesses that help finance transactions or insure against the risks associated with the buying and selling of goods and services are referred to as ________.19. A consumer organization, environmental group, or minority group has challenged your firm's stand on a local issue. Your firm is being challenged by a ________ public.20. Marketers can take a(n) ________ by taking aggressive action to affect the publics and forces in their marketing environments.21. The green movement will likely spark the LEAST interest in which of the following?22. _______ is the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing an organization.23. The most common research instrument used is the ________.24. Which of the following is the best advice about creating research questionnaires?25. A successful CRM program can be expected to help a company achieve all of the following EXCEPT ________.26. ________ is never simple, yet understanding it is the essential task of marketing management. 27. _______ is a person's pattern of living as expressed in her psychographics, including her activities, interests, and opinions.28. All of the following make up a person's lifestyle EXCEPT ________.29. A person's buying choices are influenced by four major psychological factors. Which is NOT one of these factors?30. The relationship between the consumer's expectations and the product's _______determines whether the buyer is satisfied or dissatisfied with a purchase.31. Which of the following is the final stage in the new product adoption process?32. Stephanie and Jamal attended a sales seminar. Both left the seminar with differing opinions about what was important to implement in their jobs. Both used the information in different ways, according to what each already believed was important. They have engaged in ________.33. In which of the following ways is Boeing like most other large companies?34. Don Amspacher in his role on the buying committee provides information for evaluating the alternative purchase decisions and helps define and set specifications for evaluating alternatives for purchasing. Don is a(n) ________.35. No Question Available36. Business marketers often alert customers to potential problems and then show how their products provide solutions. These marketers are hoping to influence which stage of the business buying process?37. In the generally accepted stages of the business buying process, the step following problem recognition is ________.38. In the case of maintenance, repair, and operating items, buyers may use a ________ rather than periodic purchase orders.39. There are many factors considered in government buying, but ________ is typically the most important.40. No Question Available (16)41. Which positioning strategy offers consumers a "good deal" by offering equivalent-quality products or services at a lower price?42. Ford Motor Company emphasizes "Quality First Ford Tough" in its truck products. In doing so, the company has developed a differentiation strategy based on ________43. The third level of a product that product planners must consider is a(n)_________ that offers additional consumer services and benefits.44. Products and services fall into two broad classifications based on the types of consumers that use them. Which of the following is one of these broad classes?45. No Question Available (20)46. What are the two dimensions of product quality?47. _______contributes to a product?s usefulness as well as to its looks.48. A(n) __________ is a name, term, sign, symbol, design or a combination of these that identifies the maker or seller of a product or services.49. In the competition between ________ and ________ brands, retailers have the advantages of controlling what products will be stocked, where products will be stocked, and what prices will be charged50. What are the two ways that a company can obtain new products?51. Your firm added three new products earlier this year to increase variety for customers. Two of them failed to reach even minimal sales. Which of the following is LEAST likely to have been the cause of their failure?.52. Your firm asks you to consult external sources for new product ideas. All of the following are common external sources EXCEPT ________.53. A ________ is the way consumers perceive an actual or potential product.54. A review of the sales, costs, and profit projections for a new product to find out whether they satisfy the company's objectives is called a ________.55. In order to get their new products to market more quickly, many companies are adopting a faster, team-oriented approach called ________.56. Some products that have entered the decline stage have been cycled back to the growth stage through ________.57. In which stage of the PLC will promotional expenditures be high in an attempt to respond to increasing competition?58. Most products in the marketplace are in the ________ stage of the product life cycle.59. Although test marketing costs can be high, they are often small when compared with ________.60. No Question Available(11)61. Costs that do not vary with production or sales level are referred to as _______.62. Rent, electricity and executive salaries are examples of ________.63. Costs that vary directly with the level of production are referred to as ________.64. Break-even pricing, or a variation called ________, is when the firm tries to determine the price at which it will break even or make the profit it is seeking.65. NO QUESTION AVAILABLE (16)66. If demand changes greatly with a small change in price, we say the demand is ________.67. By definition, ____________is used when a firm sells a product or services at two or more prices, even though the differences in price is not based on differences in cost.68. The Sherman, Clayton, and Robinson-Patman Acts are all federal laws that were enacted to curb the formation of ________.69. The Robinson-Patman Act seeks to prevent unfair ________ by ensuring that sellers offer the same price terms to customers at a given price level.70. No Question Available(21)71. In a __________, two or more companies at one level join together to develop a new marketing opportunity.72. Which type of distribution is used when the producer wants more than one, but fewer than all, of the intermediaries who are willing to carry its products?73. Steve's Physco Skates sells its products to Wal-Mart, who then sells them to the consumer. This is an example of a(n) ________.74. Which product will most likely be exclusively distributed?75. Which type of retailer trends to be the most frequently shopped?76. As a result of the great success of corporate chains, many independent stores chose to band together in either a voluntary chain or a(n) ________.77. While all retailers would like to achieve ________ while charging ________, the two seldom happen together.78. In-store demonstrations, displays, contests, and visiting celebrities are examples of ________.79. In response to a(n) ______, many retailers have cut costs, used price promotions and added new value pitches to their positioning.80. No Question Available (6)81. ________buy mostly from producers and sell to retailers and industrial consumers. 82. _____ are the largest group of wholesalers. Two broad types are full-service and limited-service.83. ___________, or manufacturers? representatives, represent a buyer or seller on a more permanent basis.84. 7-Eleven, Stop-N-Go, and Circle K, small stores that traditionally have had a primary market of young, blue-collar men, are examples of ________.85. No Question Available (11)86. The promotion mix is the company?s primary communication activity, the marketing mix must be coordinated for the greatest communication impact. What is NOT included in the entire marketing mix?87. Marketing communicators must do all of the following EXCEPT ________.88. In the AIDA model, the D stands for ____________.89. All of the following are strategies a marketer would use to lead consumers into making the final step toward a purchase EXCEPT which one?90. NO QUESTION AVAILABLEX (16)91. A marketer is making decisions about the headline, copy, illustration and color for a print ad. The marketer is making decisions about the ______.92. Which promotional tool is most effective in building up buyers' preferences, convictions, and, most importantly, actions?93. Which promotional mix strategy directs marketing efforts toward final consumers?94. HP's advertising agency assembles words and illustrations into an advertisement that will convey the company's intended brand message. In the communication process, HP is ________.95. No Question Available (21)96. Advertising ?puffery? is a term for __________97. The two major citizen movements to keep business in line are environmentalism and _______.98. All of the following are components of both internal and external "greening" and "beyond greening" activities EXCEPT ________.99. The philosophy of ________ holds that a company's marketing should support the best long-run performance of the marketing system.


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