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Question;Select two of the following questions for your discussion posting.;Try to work backward from a company's web page and attempt to infer;its internationalization philosophy. Look at the Procter & Gamble (;web pages describing the company's international involvement and its;international product mix. What orientation do you believe this company;has and why?;In your own words, discuss what are the drivers in the international;business environment that lead a firm to engage in international;operations? What are some of the firm-specific drivers leading to;internationalization?;How can governments and competitors prevent a firm from entering a particular market? Provide a recent example.;Your response must be in your own words. Your initial post should be 3;to 4 short paragraphs that reflect research, course content synthesis;and reflection. Provide citations for the source of your learning.;In order to earn full points, one must respond to the forum question by;Day 4 and to at least two other classmates' responses with posts that;add value to the discussion and allows for time for interaction. In;other words, waiting until 11 pm Sunday night to respond to others does;not support the intent of a discussion and will not earn full points.;The point to a discussion is to learn from each other, test ideas, share;insights and engage in two-way dialog.;This discussion forum should be approximately 200 to 250 words and must;be submitted by submitted by Day 4 and respond to two students by;midnight Day 7.;Remember that this course uses APA formatting for all written assignments.


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