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Question;You have developed a new line of;high-end organic balsamic vinegars. Several of your varieties are being;used in restaurants in Chicago and have been well accepted by chefs and;customers. You have decided to launch the product in both the retail and wholesale;markets.;Determine your pricing objectives and;develop your pricing strategy. Support your decisions.;Using the following information, apply;your strategy and determine your pricing as well as break even in units.;Support your decisions.;Bottle, Label and Production (direct;material and labor);$9.12;per 12 oz. bottle;Advertising & promotion;$218,000;Company Overhead;$354,000;Bottle, Label and Production (direct;material and labor);$9.12 per;12 oz. bottle;Advertising & promotion;$218,000;Company Overhead;$354,000;Q2;Based on your research of distribution;and channel strategy, develop a distribution strategy for your Balsamic Vinegar;company. Be sure to include: structure or level of distribution and;decisions on direct or dual distribution. Include specific distribution;channels (actual firms) in your recommendations and support your rationale with;at least 3 outside sources.


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