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Question;Question 1(1 point);Market offerings can include products, services, information, or;experiences offered to a market to satisfy a need or want.;Question 1 options;1) True;2);False;Save;Question 2(1 point);is defined as a social and managerial process by which;individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through creating;and exchanging value with others.;Question 2 options;1);Value;reengineering;2);Human;resource management;3);Financing;4);Marketing;5);Root;cause analysis;Save;Question 3(1 point);marketing is socially and environmentally responsible marketing;that meets the present needs of consumers and businesses while also preserving;or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.;Question 3 options;1);Customer-driven;2);Mass;3);Sustainable;4);Customer-driving;5);Differential;Save;Question 4(1 point);The BakeWay Bite is a popular cookie sandwich marketed by the Posco;Division of Home Foods. It is famous for its white cream-filled center. Home;Foods created a different version of these biscuits for consumers in Germany.;To appeal to German consumers, Home Food created dark chocolate filling for the;same cookie sandwiches. This is an example of ________.;Question 4 options;1);bulk;breaking;2);cost;leadership;3);diversification;4);target;marketing;5);vertical;integration;Save;Question 5(1 point);refers to the portion of the customer's purchase that a company;gets in its product categories.;Question 5 options;1);Value;proposition;2);Share;of customer;3);Brand;equity;4);Customer;ownership;5);Customer;equity;Question 6(1 point);Which of the following is an example of consumer-generated marketing?;Question 6 options;1);Toyota's;page on Facebook which provides information about its upcoming cars to its;customers;2);Nike's;Nike Plus Web site which helps its customers to customize their shoes;3);BMW's;use of brand-related videos posted on video-sharing Web sites by its;customers;4);Neiman;Marcus's InCircle Rewards program for its best customers;5);the;Lexus Covenant aimed at creating customer delight;Save;Question 7(1 point);describes a longer channel, stretching from raw materials to;components to final products that are carried to final buyers.;Question 7 options;1);The;supply chain;2);Direct;marketing;3);Partnership;relationship marketing;4);DSS;5);CRM;Save;Question 8(1 point);Ryan attempts to deliver customer satisfaction every day in his;installation business, Audio Expressions. The key to achieving this goal is to;match the customer-perceived performance of his product with ________.;Question 8 options;1);company;projections;2);customer;values;3);customer;expectations;4);customer;relationship levels;5);company;expectations;Save;Question 9(1 point);The overall process of building and maintaining profitable customer;relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction is called;Question 9 options;1);customer;lifetime management;2);societal;marketing;3);customer;relationship management;4);database;marketing;5);sustainable;customer management;Save;Question 10(1 point);refers to the mistake of paying more attention to the specific;products a company offers than to the benefits and experiences produced by;these products.;Question 10 options;1);Buyer's;remorse;2);Out-of-home;advertising;3);Caveat;emptor;4);Marketing;myopia;5);Winner's;curse;Save;Question 11(1 point);With its marketing strategy chosen, the company constructs an integrated;marketing program consisting of a blend of marketing mix elements called the;that transforms the marketing strategy into real value for customers.;Question 11 options;1);three;stars;2);customer;values;3);four;Ps;4);perceived;attributes;5);five;domains;Save;Question 12(1 point);If marketers set consumer expectations too low, they may satisfy those;who buy but fail to attract enough buyers.;Question 12 options;1) True;2);False;Save;Question 13(1 point);are states of felt deprivation.;Question 13 options;1);Needs;2);Desires;3);Demands;4);Values;5);Exchanges;Save;Question 14(1 point);Wantsare the form human needs take as they are shaped by;culture and individual personality.;Question 14 options;1) True;2);False;Save;Question 15(1 point);The societal marketing concept seeks to establish a balance between;consumer short-run wants and consumer ________.;Question 15 options;1);short-run;costs;2);short-run;benefits;3);long-run;welfare;4);long-run;costs;5);long-run;reputation


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