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Question;Select two of the following questions;for your discussion posting.;1. There are arguments that much of;the groundwork for the Free Trade Area of the Americas already has been done by;other free trade agreements in the region targeted for economic integration. In;your own words, discuss which free trade agreements are operating within this;area and what functions they serve.;2. In your own words, identify the;different bodies of the European Union and describe their main function.;3. Margaret Hogan is an;international marketing manager planning to accept an assignment representing;her company interests in Saudi Arabia. What are some of the cultural elements;that will have an impact on her performance? How can she best prepare for this;assignment?;4. How do managers use the global;consumer culture to position their goods in the local market? Provide an;example.;Your initial response must;include content and cite reference materials where appropriate. To assist in;this requirement, a good rule of thumb is that each answer should be;approximately 200 to 250 words in length. Your responses to cohorts should;build on the ideas of others, therefore you are required to interact with at;least two of your cohorts. Stating "I agree" will not constitute a;full point award.


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