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Neel: APA (7-10;future) See attached.




Question;Neel: APA (7-10, future) See attached. Setting: It is 5-10 years in the future and you have just;been appointed to a highly desirable leadership role, one for which you have;been preparing for many years. The organization has strong viability but is;currently ineffective due to power struggles and an unhealthy organizational;culture that is preventing it from reaching its potential;Write a seven to ten (7-10) page paper (excluding title;and reference pages) that includes the following;?;Introduction ? include some background on the;organization (real or fictitious) and the leadership role to which you have;been appointed.;?;Research on empowering leadership and its;effect on organizational culture.;?;Analysis of the influence of leadership on;organization effectiveness, including the use of power and politics to;accomplish goals.;?;Recommendations for empowering your team;members and subordinates and how you will use honest and ethical influence;tactics to increase organization effectiveness.;?;Conclusion should briefly summarize the;primary points of the paper and bring forward a call to action.


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