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Saint Leo MBA 565 module 6 quiz 5




Question;Question 1.1.The three major considerations in price setting are: costs set the floor price, ________, and customers' assessment of unique features establishes the price ceiling. (Points: 5) competitors' prices and the price of substitutes provide an orientation pointcompetitors' prices establishes a "target price" goalthe price of substitutes establishes a "target price"the price of competitors and substitutes does not enter into the pricing considerations.none of the aboveQuestion 2.2.In deciding on the method or means of transportation, shippers consider such criteria as speed, frequency, ________, capability, availability, traceability, and costs. (Points: 5) air versus groundgypsy truckersdependabilitybranded name truckerscosts per mileQuestion 3.3.________ involves planning the infrastructure to meet demand, then implementing and controlling the physical flows of materials and final goods from points of origin to points of use, to meet customer requirements at a profit. (Points: 5) Market logisticsSupply chain managementSCMIntegrated logistics systemsNone of the aboveQuestion 4.4.One of the advantages of corporate retailing is that corporate retail organizations achieve economies of scale, greater purchasing power, and ________. (Points: 5) wider brand recognitionmore locationsbranded merchandise"fresh" merchandisemore advertisingQuestion 5.5.A ________ channel consists of a manufacturer selling directly to the final customer. (Points: 5) three-leveltwo-levelzero-levelmultiple-levelone-levelQuestion 6.6.With ________, the company does not need to worry about too many outlets, it can gain adequate market coverage with more control and less cost that intensive distribution. (Points: 5) selective distributionnormal distributionextensive distributionrandom distributionexclusive distributionQuestion 7.7.In one type of ________, the auctioneer announces a high price for a product and then slowly decreases the price until a bidder accepts the price. (Points: 5) ascending auctionEnglish auctionsealed-bid auctiongoing-rate auctionDutch auctionQuestion 8.8.A ________ strategy involves the manufacturer using its sales force and trade promotion money to induce intermediaries to carry, promote, and sell the product to end users. (Points: 5) pushpullpromoteprovidenone of the aboveQuestion 9.9.The most elementary pricing method is to add a standard ________ to the product's cost. (Points: 5) target margintarget pricemarkupmargintarget-returnQuestion 10.10.The five types of power available to the producer to elicit cooperation from channel members includes all of the following EXCEPT ________ power. (Points: 5) expertpositioncoercivereferentrewardQuestion 11.11.Regarding distribution systems, one of the most difficult decision that a firm must make at some time involves ________ the channel strategy. (Points: 5) discontinuingrevisingdecreasing members ofincreasing members ofscrappingQuestion 12.12.The question regarding the various channel functions is not whether or not they need to be performed but who is to perform them. All channel functions have three things in common. Which of the following is NOT one of these channel functions? (Points: 5) They use up scarce resources.They can often be performed better through specialization.They can be shifted among channel members.They require substantial investments by the producer.None of the aboveQuestion 13.13.In competitive markets with low entry barriers, the optimal channel structure will inevitably ________ over time. (Points: 5) become cumbersomehardenstay the sameincreasechangeQuestion 14.14.________ is the cornerstone of all discount operations. (Points: 5) Self-serviceSelf-selectionLimited serviceFull serviceCustom serviceQuestion 15.15.Integrated logistics systems (ILS) involves materials management, ________, and physical distribution, aided by information technology. (Points: 5) information flow systemsmaterial flow systemscash flow systemsproduct management systemsnone of the aboveQuestion 16.16.________ are companies that have launched a Web site without any previous existence as a firm. (Points: 5) Dot-comsInternet firmsPure-click firmsBrick-click firmsNone of the aboveQuestion 17.17.The three elements of the services mix for retailers includes ________. (Points: 5) target marketingbreath and depthtransition zonedirect product profitabilityancillary servicesQuestion 18.18.________ describes company efforts to inform buyers, communicate, promote, and sell its products and services over the Internet. (Points: 5) E-businessE-commerceE-purchasingE-marketingNone of the aboveQuestion 19.19.________ exists when the manufacturer has established two or more channels that sell to the same market. (Points: 5) Vertical channel conflictCircular channel conflictMultichannel conflictHorizontal channel conflictNone of the aboveQuestion 20.20.Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are responding to the growth of e-commerce by providing and emphasizing ________ as a strong differentiator. (Points: 5) celebrities on the premisesthe shopping experienceexpert advice in selecting merchandisea wider selection of merchandisethe reputation of the retailer


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