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Question;THE PRODUCT IS BAKE WARE. THE NAME IS ?Solutions Bake Ware?Individual Portionprepare a presentation of 10?12 PowerPoint slides with 150?200 words of speaker's notes per slide to develop an advertising campaign for the product. The campaign will be broken down into 2 parts: the explanation and justification for the advertising campaign, and the ad itself. The following information should be included in the presentation:? The target market chosen for the new product and an explanation? The product name with reasons why it was chosen based upon the target market? The packaging description and how it will appeal to the target market? A detailed description of the advertising campaign? A creative ad slogan? An explanation of the consumer behavior motivation behind the ad and sloganAs for the advertising itself, it is not necessary to draw an ad, but you should include the following:? Types of media used in the campaign (e.g., TV, print, Internet, etc.)? A slogan and a general theme? Reasons for choosing the media, slogan, and theme based on consumer behavior principles? An explanation of how the advertisement will reach the target consumer in terms of motivational or persuasion techniques outlined in the course


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