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Question;104.;Nike;lets consumers customize athletic shoes for $10 more.;A shopper with two different size feet can even get a non-matching pair. This;would be an example of which of the;following?;a.;Mass marketing.;b. Environmental marketing.;c. Mass customization.;d. Individualization.;e. Niche marketing.;105.;3M;makes it easy for dialog to occur with its customers. 3M claims that over;two-thirds of its product improvement;ideas come from listening to ________.;a. customer suggestions;b. entrepreneurial product ideas;c. customer complaints;d. media feedback;e. customer reactions to competitive products;106.;With;respect to the CRM Imperative, ?you;get it? when ________.;a.;you eliminate all your strong competitors;b.;you have selected the most beneficial promotion;channels;c.;you have learned how to outsource;d.;you develop a Web presence;e.;you have identified your most valuable customers;107.;The;skillful use of database marketing and ________ has made catalog house;Fingerhut one of the nation?s largest direct-mail marketers.;a.;everyday;low prices;b.;expanded;home delivery options;c.;relationship;building;d.;competitor?s mistakes;e.;retailer alliances;Short Answer;108.;What do managers believe is their company?s only true ?profit center??;109.;Customer;delivered value is based on two components.;What are those components?;110.;What is the definition for customer perceived value;(CPV)?.;111.;Using European automobile;giant Volvo as your illustration, create a value proposition for the company. Be sure to base your proposition on;established company core positions;and values.;135.;Define the termquality.;136.;Sherden suggests amending the 20-80 rule to read ?the;20-80-30 rule.? Interpret the meaning of;?20-80-30.?;137.;What are the three ways that customer profitability;can be assessed?;138.;What are the four classifications (tiers) of;customers in customer profitability analysis using Activity-Based Costing?;139.;According to Rust, Zeithaml, and Lemon, what are;the three drivers of customer equity?;140.;Explain the concept of mass customization.;Level;of difficulty: Easy;141.;What is a customer touch point?;142.;If characteristics of mass marketing were average;customer, share of market, and customer attraction, what would be the associated;one-to-one marketing characteristics that would match?;143.;Markets can be characterized by their long-term;buying dynamics and how easily and often customers can enter and leave. List;and briefly characterize three such markets.;144.;Explain the concept of proactive marketing.;145.;Explain how a company frequency program might work.;146.;Using information provided in the text, create;three suggestions for creating structural ties with a customer.;147.;Describe the process of database marketing.;148.;According to information provided in the text, give;one of the three forms of estimate with respect to increasing customer share of;requirements.;149.;Give an illustration of how a company can use a customer database to reactivate;customer purchases.;150.;According to information provided in the text, what;are the four main perils of CRM?


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