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Graves Company has developed the following standar...




Graves Company has developed the following standard costs for its product for the current year: GRAVES COMPANY Standard Cost Card Product A Cost Element Standard Quantity ? Standard Price = Standard Cost Direct materials 4 pounds $3 $12 Direct labor 3 hours 8 24 Manufacturing overhead 3 hours 4 12 $48 The company expected to produce 26,000 units of Product A in the current year and work 78,000 direct labor hours. Actual results for the current year are as follows: ? 26,000 units of Product A were produced. ? Actual direct labor costs were $627,000 for 76,000 direct labor hours worked. ? Actual direct materials purchased and used during the year cost $283,500 for 105,000 pounds. ? Actual variable overhead incurred was $130,000 and actual fixed overhead incurred was $170,000. Instructions Compute the following variances showing all computations to support your answers. Indicate whether the variances are favorable or unfavorable. (a) Materials price variance. (b) Materials quantity variance. (c) Total materials variance. (d) Direct labor price variance. (e) Direct labor quantity variance. (f) Total direct labor variance. (g) Total overhead variance.


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