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Saint Leo MBA 565 quiz 4




Question;1.;is the ability of a company to prepare on a mass;basis individually designed products, services, programs, and;communications.;(Points: 5);Mass customizationFeature fatiguePerformance qualityConformance qualityRepairability;Question 2.;2.;Top service companies are "customer obsessed." They have a;clear sense of their target customers and their needs. Their management;looks not only at financial performance on a monthly basis, but also at;(Points: 5);service performancetangible rewardsconsumer complaintsmarketing activitiesnone of the above;Question 3.;3.;To differentiate its service, a provider can add ________ to the package of services already provided.;(Points: 5);secondary service featuresprimary service featuresvalue bundlingbrandingprice bands of like services;Question 4.;4.;There are three steps service firms can take to increase;quality control. Which of the following is NOT one of these steps?;(Points: 5);Reduce customer contact pointsMonitor customer satisfactionStandardize the service-performance processInvest in good training proceduresInvest in good hiring procedures;Question 5.;5.;The five determinants of service quality include all of the following EXCEPT ________.;(Points: 5);empathyassuranceresponsivenessreliabilityreputation;Question 6.;6.;Companies may wish to implement a(n) ________ to achieve more;growth, to realize higher margins, or simply to position themselves as;full-line manufacturers.;(Points: 5);up-market stretchdown-market stretchservice-market stretchconsulting-model stretchobsolescence strategy;Question 7.;7.;The five product levels constitute a ________. At each level more customer value is added.;(Points: 5);customer-augmented productcustomer consumption systemcustomer value-hierarchycustomer-perceived valuecustomer hierarchy;Question 8.;8.;The ________ of a product mix refers to how many variants are offered of each product in the line.;(Points: 5);widthlengthdepthconsistencyheight;Question 9.;9.;describes the service program for helping customers keep purchased products in good working order.;(Points: 5);ReturnsOrdering easeInstallationMaintenance and repairDelivery;Question 10.;10.;Developing brand strategies for a service requires special;attention to choosing brand elements, establishing image dimensions, and;(Points: 5);developing a marketing nichedeveloping an advertising campaigndevising a branding strategydeveloping differentiationnone of the above;Question 11.;11.;Service firms can design ________ and information programs so;that consumers learn more about the brand than the information they get;from the service encounter alone.;(Points: 5);advertising campaignsmarketing measuresad agenciesmarketing communicationsmarketing strategy;Question 12.;12.;Unlike physical goods, services are produced and ________ simultaneously.;(Points: 5);launchedconsumedcreatedmaximizednone of the above;Question 13.;13.;There is a(n) ________ where consumer perceptions on a;service dimension would be deemed satisfactory, anchored by the minimum;level consumers would be willing to accept and the level that customers;believe can and should be delivered.;(Points: 5);empathyzone of tolerancezone of forgivenessperceived forgivenessvalue definition;Question 14.;14.;Services can be judged on customer importance and company;performance. ________ is used to rate the various elements of the;service bundle and identify what actions are required.;(Points: 5);SERVQALConsumer-quality analysisImportance-performance analysisKey-service indices analysisReliability-service indices analysis;Question 15.;15.;Product-line analysis provides information for two key decision areas-product-line length and ________.;(Points: 5);product-length new itemsproduct-mix pricingproduct pricingpopular pricingnone of the above;Question 16.;16.;are formal statements of expected product performance by the manufacturer.;(Points: 5);InsuranceWarrantiesGuaranteesReputationMarketing statements;Question 17.;17.;Capital items are long-lasting goods that facilitate;developing or managing the finished product. They include two groups;installations and ________.;(Points: 5);natural productscomponent materialsoperating suppliesequipmentnone of the above;Question 18.;18.;Factors that lead to customer switching behavior include all of the following EXCEPT ________.;(Points: 5);problem solvingpricinginconvenienceethical problemsnone of the above;Question 19.;19.;When the physical product cannot be easily differentiated;the key to competitive success may lie in adding valued services and;improving their quality. The main service differentiators are ordering;ease, delivery, installation, ________, customer consulting;maintenance, and repair.;(Points: 5);customer limitingcustomer ordersniche marketingcustomer trainingcustomer marketing;Question 20.;20.;Services differ as to whether they meet a personal need or a ________.;(Points: 5);quality needproduction needbusiness needfunctional needcustomer need


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