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Question;Question 1.1.The new, more;strategically oriented purchasing departments have a mission. Which of the;following most accurately describes that mission? (Points: 5);Make the most;profit possible and remain independent of entanglements.Approach every;purchasing opportunity as means to create interdependency.Seek the best value from fewer and better suppliers.Outsource the;supply function.Abandon all;strategies except for systems selling and buying.;Question 2.2.If a marketer is;seeking to segment a business market, which of the following variables is;generally felt to be the most important? (Points: 5);Personal;characteristicsDemographic variablesSituational factorsOperating variablesPurchasing;approaches;Question 3.3.Not all attempts;to target children, minorities, or other special segments draw criticism.;Which of the following is the best illustration of a company (or industry);that seems to be marketing to a target segment in a correct and ethical;way? (Points: 5);McDonald's;marketing to inner-city youthR. J. Reynolds;marketing of the Kool brandColgate-Palmolive's Colgate Junior toothpasteThe cereal;industry's approaches to childrenG. Heileman;Brewing's approach to Colt 45 malt liquor;Question 4.4.When a symphony;orchestra targets people who have broad cultural interests, rather than;only those who regularly attend concerts, the orchestra is targeting;(Points: 5);market mavensstrategic segmentssupersegmentsoccasion segmentspsychodemographic;segments;Question 5.5.A marketer is;interested in segmenting a business market on ________ if the marketer;intends to eventually segment the market based on loyalty and attitudes;toward risk. (Points: 5);situational factorspurchasing;approachespersonal characteristicsoperating variablesdemographic;variables;Question 6.6.Business markets;differ significantly consumer markets in that business markets possess all;of the following characteristics EXCEPT ________. (Points: 5);fewer, larger;buyersclose;supplier-customer relationshipprofessional;purchasinginverted demandmultiple sales;calls;Question 7.7.The;consists of all the organizations that acquire goods and services used in;the production of other products or services that are sold, rented, or;supplied to others. (Points: 5);business marketconsumer markete-commerce marketglobal marketsupplier market;Question 8.8.If Ampex Support;Systems is the single supplier for a local manufacturing company's MRO;(maintenance, repair, operating) supplies and needs, Ampex Support Systems;is considered as providing ________ for the manufacturer. (Points: 5);systems buyingpurchasing supportturnkey logisticsdecision supportsystems contracting;Question 9.9.The purchasing;department buys office supplies on a routine basis. This type of purchase;is classified as a ________. (Points: 5);straight rebuymodified rebuynew tasksecondary purchasepreordained;purchase;Question 10.10.Those who favor;localized marketing see national advertising as wasteful because ________.;(Points: 5);it gets too up;close and personal with consumersit drives up;manufacturing and marketing costs by reducing economies of scaleit magnifies;logistical problemsit fails to address local needsall of the above;Question 11.11.The;market consists of schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and other;institutions that must provide goods and services to people in their care.;(Points: 5);verticalnonprofitspotsecondary businessinstitutional;Question 12.12.Business buyers;are ultimately purchasing solutions to two problems: the organization's;economic and strategic problem and ________. (Points: 5);their;own personal need for individual achievement and rewardthe community's;continued health and well-beingthe fulfillment of;the company's social impact goalsto maximize overall;firm performancenone of the above;Question 13.13.A marketer is;interested in segmenting a business market based on technology and customer;capabilities. Which of the following major segmentation variables would;most likely be used by the marketer to assist with the task? (Points: 5);Demographic;variablesPurchasing;approachesSituational factorsPersonal;characteristicsOperating variables;Question 14.14.In;marketing, the firm operates in several market segments and designs;different products for each segment. (Points: 5);segmentedundifferentiateddifferentiatedgeodemographicniche;Question 15.15.Webster cautions;that ultimately, ________ make purchasing decisions. (Points: 5);only senior;managersindividuals, not organizations,organizations, not;individuals,third partiessystems contractors;Question 16.16.________ are;products such as Kiehl's skin care and Kendall-Jackson wines that are;priced between average middle-market and superpremium Old Luxury brands.;(Points: 5);Old Luxury brand;extensionsAccessible;superpremium productsDeluxury itemsHourglass productsMasstige goods;Question 17.17.Dennis requests;his father to buy him a PlayStation? for his birthday. With respect to;consumer decision roles, which role is Dennis currently playing? (Points;5);initiatorinfluencerdeciderbuyergatekeeper;Question 18.18.All of the;following are methods of assessing customer value EXCEPT ________. (Points;5);direct survey questionsexit interviewingfocus-group value;assessmentconjoint analysisbenchmarks;Question 19.19.There are a;series of guidelines for selling to small businesses. Which of the;following should NOT be among those guidelines? (Points: 5);Don't waste their;time.Do keep it simple.Do use the;Internet.Don't forget about;direct contact.Do lump small and midsize businesses together for;efficiency;sake.;Question 20.20.Volkswagen;concentrates on the small-car market and Porsche on the sports car market.;These would be examples of what is called ________. (Points: 5);single-segment concentrationselective;specializationproduct;specializationmarket;specializationfull market;coverage


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