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Question;Week Eight: Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations, and RetailDetailsDuePointsObjectives88.1Identify the steps involved in developing and advertising campaign.8.2Summarize key sales promotion techniques.8.3Examine the effects of B2C e-commerce on traditional retailing.CheckPointDeveloping and Advertising CampaignResource:Analysis: GEICO television commercials try to appeal to wide audience/Audio File: Day to Day.Listento the Audio File, Day to Day, by clicking on the Electronic Reserve Reading link located under Week 8 on the Materials page of the student website.Describethe steps a company must consider when developing their own advertising campaign, keeping some of the key points of the story in mind. Your answer should be 200???300 words in length.Day 315CheckPointMarketing Concepts ActivityDrafta 200- to 300-word response to the Marketing Concepts: Discussing Choices and Ethical Issues question 6 found on p. 532 ofMarketing: Real People, Real Choices.Day 510IndividualSales Promotion TechniquesWritea 700- to 1,050-word paper summarizing the key sales promotion techniques that marketing firms direct toward trade and consumers. Include real-world examples to describe the following classifications of sales promotion techniques:· Discounts and deals· Increasing industry visibility· Price-based consumer sales promotions· Attention-getting consumer sales promotionsFormatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.Postyour paper as an attachment.


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