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MKT230 week4 Marketing Strategies




Question;CheckPoint;Customer;Relationship Management;Reviewthe;descriptions of customer relationship management (CRM) characteristics found;in Appendix D.;CompleteAppendix;D by identifying activities that can be classified by each characteristic of;a CRM plan: share of customer, lifetime value of a customer, customer equity;or high-value customers.;Post your;complete Appendix D as an attachment.;Day 4;25;Individual;Target Market;Strategy Presentation;Resource;Ch.;7 in Marketing: Real People, Real;Choices;Select;a new product or service that you would like to introduce to the marketplace.;You use this same product when completing your Final Project in Week Nine.;Create a;7- to 12-slide Microsoft? PowerPoint?;presentation describing the market segmentation and a target market strategy;for the product you selected. Include information on the following points;?;Consumer demographics;?;Consumer psychographics;?;Consumer behaviors;?;A segment profile;Includedetailed;speaker notes and an APA-formatted reference slide with your presentation.;Postyour Microsoft? PowerPoint?;presentation as an attachment.


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