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Chapter 18 - Advertising and Public Relations - Test Bank




Question;Chapter 18 - Advertising and Public Relations;1. Describe the major types of;advertising, and discuss how they differ.;2. What are the important issues to;consider when developing advertising objectives?;3. What are the major differences;between sales-based and communications-based advertising objectives?;4. What is an advertising platform?;What is the best way to develop a platform?;5. Compare the competition-matching;approach with the arbitrary approach in determining an advertising appropriation.;Which method might more easily lead to overspending or underspending on the;appropriation?;6. What are the major components of a;media plan? What limitations must be considered as the media plan is;implemented?;7. Why are headlines important?;8. What are the major components of;artwork?;9. Why would a marketer conduct a;posttest when the advertising campaign has already run and the dollars have;already been spent?;10. What are the advantages of;using an advertising agency to develop an advertising campaign?;11. What is public relations and for what;purposes is it used?;12. Discuss how event sponsorship can be;used as a public relations tool.;13. Identify and describe four;publicity-based public relations tools.;14. What approaches can be used to;evaluate the effectiveness of public relations programs?;15. What steps should an organization take;to be able to deal effectively with negative public relations?;16. Advertising is a promotion mix;ingredient that is a _________ communication.;17. Advertising;that aims to create a more favorable view of a company as a whole in the eyes;of various stakeholders is called __________ advertising.;a) institutional;b) product;c) organizational;d) pioneer;e) advocacy;18. First Union Bank airs a series of;radio ads that claim, ?We are the friendly bank.? This campaign would bestbe;described as __________ advertising.;a) pioneer;b) target;c) product;d) institutional;e) comparative;19. The University of Iowa runs a series;of ads throughout the Midwest on how friendly and helpful its faculty, staff;and students are as well as how outstanding its academic programs are. This;type of promotion would best be characterized as;a) public relations.;b) product advertising.;c) advocacy advertising.;d) institutional advertising.;e) comparative advertising.;20. When a company promotes its position;on a public issue, this is specifically referred to as ______ advertising.;a) institutional;b) product;c) advocacy;d) issue;e) competitive


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