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MKT230 Week Six Managing the Product




Question;CheckPoint;Branding;Strategies;Selecta;large company that has created a strong product identity in the market. What;branding strategies has the company used to create its product identity?;Provideexamples;and explain your reasoning in a 200- to 300-word response.;Day 4;25;Individual;Life Cycle;Management Analysis;In this assignment, you practice using critical;thinking skills. You analyze a case by conducting research, defining;problems, and making recommendations. Remember to suspend personal bias and;judgment while investigating the multiple stages of product strategies and;life cycle management.;Resource;Ch. 9 of Marketing: Real People, Real;Choices;Read;the following: In recent times, a popular consumer electronics company, Apple?;has released a high-demand product to the marketplace. The iPod?;portable MP3 player and iTunes? interface allow the user to;quickly and easily purchase, download, and listen to music. As with any new;product in the marketplace, Apple? has taken steps to manage this;product throughout its marketing life cycle.;Writea;700- to 1,050- word paper analyzing how the company has managed each stage of;the product life cycle of its popular MP3 player. Determine which stage of;the life cycle the product is in currently. Defend why you feel the product;is in the stage you identified. Your paper should include the following;elements;?;A brief description of the product?s;objectives and marketing strategies;?;An analysis of the introduction phase of the;product;?;An overview of how the company has managed or;should manage the product through the growth stage;?;A review of how the maturity stage has affected;or will affect the product?s sales, profits, pricing, and marketing;communication;?;A prediction of the product?s decline in the;marketplace;Summarizeyour;paper by answering the following questions: Do you agree or disagree with how;each stage has been managed? What alternative approaches to life cycle;management would you suggest?;Includea;recommendation for management of the next applicable stage of the product;life cycle.;Formatyour;paper consistent with APA guidelines.;Postyour;paper as an attachment.


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