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MKT230 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING all week discussions




Question;Week;1 - Discussion Question #1;Many;people regard marketing simply as advertising. Advertising is a part of;marketing, but it is not the whole picture. What arguments can you make against;the common assumption that marketers only worry about advertising? What are;some of the roles that marketers play within an organization?Week 1 DQ 2"Please pick one;of the 4 P's of the marketing mix to discuss (each of you have the choice of;what you would like to discuss). Describe the key points of goods or services;as they apply to the piece of the marketing mix you select: product, price;promotion, or place. How will your good or service be affected by the other;three pieces of the marketing mix?"Week 3 - Discussion Question #1;Consider a recent purchase that you or a family member have made.;Examples include a household product, DVD or CD, grocery item, or electronic;device. Describe the item and list three reasons you purchased that product as;opposed to another product. Then, identify the internal influences that;describe each reason you made your purchase: perception, motivation, learning;attitudes, personality, age group, the family life cycle, or lifestyle.;Respond to a;classmate who describes a purchase that you have recently made, it does not;have to be the same product described in your original answer. Was your;purchasing decision based on the same influences as your classmates?? If so;provide additional examples of your influences. If not, describe what internal;factors influenced you to make the same purchase.Week 3 - Discussion Question # 2;Think of a product that you have seen advertised on television, a;magazine, or on the radio. Describe the product and identify two external;influences that might lead a person to purchase the product: culture;subculture, social class, or group membership.;Consider your classmates? examples. Do you agree or disagree;with their perception of external influences about the product they described?Week 5 - Discussion Question #1;Look;around your home or office and select three products you currently use.;Briefly describe each product. How would you classify each one? When responding;to your classmates, state if you agree or disagree with their classification;and explain why. Do you think their product could be classified differently? If;so, explain your reasoning.Week 5 - Discussion Question #2;Consider;the products you described and classified in the previous discussion question.;Using Figure 8.3 on p. 257 of the text as a guide, in what stage of product;adoption do you think each of the products fall under? Do you use similar;products as your classmates? Describe whether you agree or disagree with their;assessment and why?Week Seven Discussion Question #1;?;Imagine that you are a mentor to a new employee;at a marketing firm. The new employee is having trouble understanding what the;term market communication really;means. Using what you have learned, explain to the new employee how marketing;communication can influence a buyer.;Respond to;your classmates? answers by asking additional questions that a newcomer to;marketing might ask. Is the explanation clear? Which areas do you understand?;In what areas would you like more clarification?Discussion Question #2;?;Search your local newspaper for advertisements;and examples of pricing strategies. If you do not have access to a local;newspaper, search for a newspaper online. What are two pricing strategies you;found in the advertisements? Describe the function the price serves for each;product or service. When responding to your classmates, describe the steps the;company likely followed when planning the price strategy described in the;response.Week 9 - Capstone Discussion Question;How has;learning about marketing concepts given you a better understanding of the;market place and how businesses and consumers make decisions? Has what you have;learned about marketing increased your interest in a future career in;marketing? What do you value most from taking this course?


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