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MKT 431 ? Final Exam




Question;MKT 431 ? Final ExamMKT 431 ? Final Exam 10 Grading Points;Complete this exam using this Word Document and post your completed exam as an attachment no later than midnight Monday 9/30/13 using the Week 5 Assignments Link, Individual ? Final Exam;In at least 250 - 300 words for each week write a summary of the key points that were studied and how in the future you may be able to use at least one of the learning points studied each week. The response for each week is worth 2 points for a total of 2x5 = 10 points.;1. Week 1 - Finding the Opportunity: Trends and Market Conditions;2. Week 2 - Customers: Who They Are and Their Value;3. Week 3 ? Product and Branding;4. Week 4 ? Price, Place, and Technology;5. Week 5 ? Promotion: Advertising and Its Alternatives


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