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Question;MKT/230 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETINGUniversity of Phoenix;Week One;Introduction to Marketing;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;1.1 Explain;the concepts of goods and services, value, and marketing.;1.2 Describe;the role of marketers in an organization.;1.3 Describe;the meaning and role of the 4 P?s in the marketing mix.;Course Preparation;Read;the course description and objectives.;Read;the instructor?s biography and post your own.;Day 1;Readings;Read Appendix;A regarding the final projet requirements.;Read;Ch. 1, 2, & 4 of Marketin: Real;People, Real Choices.;Participation;Participate;in class discussion.;Week 1;15;Discussion Questions;Respond to weekly;discussion questions.;Day 2 DQ #1;Day 4;DQ #2;15;CheckPoint;Marketing;Concepts;Complete;the Marketing Concepts table found in Appendix B, usingthe information found in Ch. 1 of the textbook.;Post your;completed Appendix B as an attachment.;Day 5;25;Week Two;Market Planning and Research;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;2;2.1 Recognize;the different levels of planning involved in marketing.;2.2 Describe;the steps in the marketing research process.;CheckPoint;Market Planning;at Qode;Readthe;case scenario, Decision Time at Qode, on pp. 38 and 39 of the textbook.;Write a;200- to 300-word response describing how the three steps of business;planning?strategic, functional, and operational?can be seen in the marketing;decisions being made by Qode. Include information on who the decision makers;are at each level and what they do in the in planning process. Use figure 2.1;on pp. 41 of the textbook as a guide.;Day 4;25;Individual;Marketing Plan;Exercise;Review the;Marketing Plan Exercise found on p. 136 of the textbook.;Answer questions;1?5 of the Marketing Plan Exercise.;Include;two to three outside references to support your answers with research.;Post;your assignment as an attachment.;Day 7;100;Week Three;Consumer Behavior;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;3;3.1 Identify;the steps in the consumer decision-making process.;3.2 Describe;factors that influence consumer behavior.;Readings;Read Ch.;5 & 7 of Marketing: Real People;Real Choices.;Participation;Participate;in class discussion.;Week 3;15;Discussion Questions;Respond to weekly;discussion questions.;Day 2;DQ #1;Day 4;DQ #2;15;CheckPoint;Consumer;Decision-Making Process;In this CheckPoint, you exercise critical thinking;skills and identify the stages of the decision-making process involved with;purchasing a new product. Describe the logical inquiry and problem-solving;methods that were used to evaluate alternatives, select a product, and;evaluate the product post-purchase.;Complete;the table in Appendix C, usingFigure;5.1 on p. 142 of the textbook as a guide, by describing the stages in the;decision process of a recent purchase.;Post your;completed Appendix C as an attachment.;Day 5;25;Week Four;Marketing Strategies;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;4;4.1 Describe;market segmentation and its importance in today?s marketplace.;4.2 Develop;a target marketing strategy.;4.3 Identify;the characteristics of customer relationship management.;CheckPoint;Customer;Relationship Management;Reviewthe;descriptions of customer relationship management (CRM) characteristics found;in Appendix D.;CompleteAppendix;D by identifying activities that can be classified by each characteristic of;a CRM plan: share of customer, lifetime value of a customer, customer equity;or high-value customers.;Post your;complete Appendix D as an attachment.;Day 4;25;Individual;Target Market;Strategy Presentation;Resource;Ch.;7 in Marketing: Real People, Real;Choices;Select;a new product or service that you would like to introduce to the marketplace.;You use this same product when completing your Final Project in Week Nine.;Create a;7- to 12-slide Microsoft? PowerPoint?;presentation describing the market segmentation and a target market strategy;for the product you selected. Include information on the following points;?;Consumer demographics;?;Consumer psychographics;?;Consumer behaviors;?;A segment profile;Includedetailed;speaker notes and an APA-formatted reference slide with your presentation.;Postyour Microsoft? PowerPoint?;presentation as an attachment.;Day 7;100;Week Five;Creating the Product;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;5;5.1 Determine;the classifications of products.;5.2 Describe;how companies develop new products.;5.3 Describe;the process of product adoptions and the diffusion of innovations.;Readings;Read Ch.;8, 9, & 11 of Marketing: Real;People, Real Choices.;Participation;Participate;in class discussion.;Week 5;15;Discussion Questions;Respond to weekly;discussion questions.;Day 2;DQ #1;Day 4;DQ #2;15;CheckPoint;New Product;Development;Read;the following: You are working in the product development department of a;company that creates household products. Your team has come up with an idea;for a revolutionary new cleaning product. Using the seven phases of new;product development as a guide, describe how your company will develop the;new product.;Drafta;200- to 300-word response to the above scenario.;Post your;response.;Day 5;25;Week Six;Managing the Product;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;6;6.1 Identify;product objectives and strategies.;6.2 Explain;product life cycle management.;6.3 Discuss;ways that a product creates product identity.;CheckPoint;Branding;Strategies;Selecta;large company that has created a strong product identity in the market. What;branding strategies has the company used to create its product identity?;Provideexamples;and explain your reasoning in a 200- to 300-word response.;Day 4;25;Individual;Life Cycle;Management Analysis;In this assignment, you practice using critical;thinking skills. You analyze a case by conducting research, defining;problems, and making recommendations. Remember to suspend personal bias and;judgment while investigating the multiple stages of product strategies and;life cycle management.;Resource;Ch. 9 of Marketing: Real People, Real;Choices;Read;the following: In recent times, a popular consumer electronics company, Apple?;has released a high-demand product to the marketplace. The iPod?;portable MP3 player and iTunes? interface allow the user to;quickly and easily purchase, download, and listen to music. As with any new;product in the marketplace, Apple? has taken steps to manage this;product throughout its marketing life cycle.;Writea;700- to 1,050- word paper analyzing how the company has managed each stage of;the product life cycle of its popular MP3 player. Determine which stage of;the life cycle the product is in currently. Defend why you feel the product;is in the stage you identified. Your paper should include the following;elements;?;A brief description of the product?s;objectives and marketing strategies;?;An analysis of the introduction phase of the;product;?;An overview of how the company has managed or;should manage the product through the growth stage;?;A review of how the maturity stage has affected;or will affect the product?s sales, profits, pricing, and marketing;communication;?;A prediction of the product?s decline in the;marketplace;Summarizeyour;paper by answering the following questions: Do you agree or disagree with how;each stage has been managed? What alternative approaches to life cycle;management would you suggest?;Includea;recommendation for management of the next applicable stage of the product;life cycle.;Formatyour;paper consistent with APA guidelines.;Postyour;paper as an attachment.;Day 7;100;Week Seven;Pricing the Product and Market Communication;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;7;7.1 Explain;the function and value of pricing.;7.2 Summarize;the steps for price planning.;7.3 Describe;the role and function of marketing communication.;7.4 List;the stages in developing an IMC strategy.;Readings;Read Ch.;12, 13, & pp. 503-522 in Ch. 16 of Marketing;Real People, Real Choices.;Read;this week?s Electronic Reserve Readings.;Participation;Participate;in class discussion.;Week 7;15;Discussion Questions;Respond to weekly;discussion questions.;Day 2;DQ #1;Day 4;DQ #2;15;CheckPoint;Integrated;Marketing Communication Strategies;The goal of integrated marketing communication;(IMC) is to produce a unified promotional message that has the customer as;its focus. All promotional activity, such as media advertising, sales;promotion, personal selling sponsorships, and public relations, is geared toward;delivering a consistent uniform message.;Drafta;200- to 300-word response answering the following questions;?;How does an organization establish an IMC;plan?;?;What are some of the different stages a;company goes through when developing its IMC strategy?;Day 5;25;Week Eight;Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations, and Retail;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;8;8.1 Identify;the steps involved in developing and advertising campaign.;8.2 Summarize;key sales promotion techniques.;8.3 Examine;the effects of B2C e-commerce on traditional retailing.;CheckPoint;Developing and;Advertising Campaign;Resource:Analysis;GEICO television commercials try to appeal to wide audience/Audio File: Day;to Day.;Listento;the Audio File, Day to Day, by clicking on the Electronic Reserve Reading;link located under Week 8 on the Materials page of the student website.;Describethe;steps a company must consider when developing their own advertising campaign;keeping some of the key points of the story in mind. Your answer should be;200?300 words in length.;Day 3;15;CheckPoint;Marketing;Concepts Activity;Drafta;200- to 300-word response to the Marketing Concepts: Discussing Choices and;Ethical Issues question 6 found on p. 532 of Marketing: Real People, Real Choices.;Day 5;10;Individual;Sales Promotion;Techniques;Write a;700- to 1,050-word paper summarizing the key sales promotion techniques that;marketing firms direct toward trade and consumers. Include real-world;examples to describe the following classifications of sales promotion;techniques;?;Discounts and deals;?;Increasing industry visibility;?;Price-based consumer sales promotions;?;Attention-getting consumer sales promotions;Formatyour;paper consistent with APA guidelines.;Postyour;paper as an attachment.;Day 7;100;Week Nine;Marketing Plan;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;9;9.1 Develop;a marketing plan.;Participation;Participate;in class discussion.;Week 9;15;Capstone Discussion Question;Respond;to the capstone discussion question.;?;How has learning about marketing concepts;given you a better understanding of the market place and how businesses and;consumers make decisions? Has what you have learned about marketing increased;your interest in a future career in marketing? What do you value most from;taking this course?;Day 3;15;Final Project;Marketing Plan;Selecta;product or service you would like to introduce to the marketplace. It may be;from an existing company or a new concept.;Preparea;1,750- to 2,100-word marketing plan for your selected product or service.;Include the following elements;?;A brief description of the product or service;being offered;?;An analysis of the market in which the product;or service will be offered;o Size;and demographics of the markets;o Potential;competitors, if any;?;An analysis of the marketing strategies that;will be used for the introduction of the product or service;o Pricing;o Promotion;o Distribution;o Sales;support;Formatyour;paper consistent with APA guidelines.;Post your;marketing plan as an attachment.;Day 7;250


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