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Marketing MBA-565 module 7 quiz




Question;1.One of the advantages of television is that it combines sight, sound, and motion, appealing to the senses, high attention, and high reach. One of the disadvantages of television is its ________. (Points: 5) use of the "remote control" to zap through commercialshigh cluttercable channelsfragmented marketscensorship possibilities2.When two or more brands or companies team up on coupons, refunds, and contests to increase pulling power, it is called ________. (Points: 5) price packsfrequency promotionsteam promotingtie-in promotionscross-promotions3.In measuring the effectiveness of a firm's communications investment, ultimately ________ measures capture the real payoff. (Points: 5) behavior-changepurchaseactioninactionnone of the above4.An effectively trained company sales force can make four important contributions: enthusiasm building, missionary selling, key account management, and ________. (Points: 5) customer contactsrelationship sellingdirect sales contactsincreased stock positionaccount management5.If a person has a positive attitude toward a source and a message, or a negative attitude toward both, a state of ________ is said to exits. (Points: 5) communicationcongruitycelebrityinsighttransformation6.Customers typically pose objections during the presentation or when asked for the order. ________ resistance includes resistance to interference or a reluctance to give up something. (Points: 5) PromotingBrandingLogicalPsychologicalNormal7.The marketing communications mix consists of eight major modes of communications. Which of the following is NOT one of these modes? (Points: 5) Personal sellingDirect marketingSales promotionsPackagingAdvertising8.The ________ method of measuring event effectiveness identifies the effect sponsorship had on consumers' brand knowledge. (Points: 5) incrementalsupply-sidedemand-sidehistoricalexperimental9.One implication of the concept of brand equity is that the manner in which brand associations are formed does not matter. In other words, if a consumer has an equally strong, favorable, and unique brand association between two media, then the impact in terms of brand equity should be ________. (Points: 5) prominentidenticaldifferentmeasurableactionable10.In which step is the salesperson "telling the story" of his product or service? (Points: 5) PreapproachProspectsPresentationClosingFollow-up11.In deciding to use a particular incentive, marketers have several factors to consider. One of these factors is ________. (Points: 5) durationdistribution vehiclepromotion budgetsizeall of the above12.Communication option are often more effective when used in tandem. ________ relates to the extent to which different associations and linkages are emphasized across communication options. (Points: 5) CoverageContributionCommonalityComplementarityVersatility*13.When setting the advertising budget, marketers must consider the ________. (Points: 5) message detailscost of television timecost of new product developmentstage in the product life cyclebuyer's reaction to the campaign14.________ is another form of word of mouth that encourages consumers to pass along company-developed products and services or audio, video, or written information to others online. (Points: 5) Buzz marketingViral marketingSocial networkingPay-per-click advertisingMobile marketing15.In choosing the proper media to carry the message, advertisers must decide on ________. (Points: 5) strategy, users, and mediatarget markets, users, and heavy usersmarkets, target markets, and consumersreach, impact, and television stationsreach, frequency, and impact16.The higher the ________ associated with a brand, product category, or message, the higher the warranted level of repetition. (Points: 5) total number of exposurestarget audience media habitsforgetting rateimpactreach17.Readers of Vogue may pay more attention to ads than do readers of Newsweek. In this example, Vogue has greater ________ than Newsweek. (Points: 5) ad-placement policieseditorial qualityaudience-attention probabilityaudience qualitylead generation18.Other media for direct-response marketing includes television. Television is used by direct marketers in conducting or producing "infomercials," and ________. (Points: 5) ad campaignsdirect responseat-home shopping channelscommercialskiosks19.Of the seven Cs of effective Web design, ________ refers to the degree that the site is linked to other sites. (Points: 5) communitycontextcontentcommerceconnection20.The four common methods that companies use to decide on a promotion budget include the affordable method, the percentage-of-sales method, ________, and the objective-and-task method. (Points: 5) financial methodincremental growth methodzero-based budgeting methodcompetitive-parity methodlast year's budget method


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