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Question;Chapter 19;Managing Personal;Communications;Direct Marketing and Personal;Selling;GENERAL;CONCEPT QUESTIONS;Multiple;Choice;1. Direct;marketing is the use of consumer-direct channels to reach and deliver goods and;services to customers without using marketing middlemen. These channels include;direct mail, catalogs, Web sites, interactive TV, and ________.;a.;telemarketing;b. bounce-back;coupons;c. billboards;d. coupons;e. none of the;above;2. Direct marketers seek a;measurable response, typically a customer order. This is sometimes called ________.;a. benchmarking;b. direct;marketing;c. first time;ordering;d. direct-order;marketing;e. direct-access;marketing;3. The extraordinary growth of;direct marketing is the result of many factors. These include higher costs of;driving, traffic congestion, parking headaches, and ________.;a. retailers;not having interesting sales;b. too few new;retailers;c. too many new;items to choose from;d. lack of;interest in shopping malls;e. lack of;time;4. Direct;marketers can use a number of channels to reach individual prospects and;customers. These include ________.;a. direct;mail;b. telemarketing;c. catalog;marketing;d.;kiosk marketing;e.;all of the above;5. Direct marketing permits the;of alternative media and messages in search of the most;cost-effective approach.;a. accent;b. use of;c. testing;d. outsourcing;e. implementation;6. In constructing an effective;direct-mail campaign, marketers must;decide on their objectives, target markets, and prospects, offer elements;means of testing the campaign, and ________.;a. measures of campaign success;b. advertising campaign;c. sales promotions;d. salespeople?s input;e. management?s input;7. A direct mail;campaign that has an order-response;rate of ________ is considered a;success.;a. 5 percent;b. 3;percent;c. 2;percent;d. 10;percent;e. 15;percent;8. Direct marketers need to identify the characteristics of prospects;and customers who are most able;willing, and ________.;a. ready;to buy;b.;skilled at buying;c. allowed;to buy;d. permitted;to buy;e.. authorized;to buy;9. Direct-mail;prospects can be identified on the basis of such variables as age, sex, income;education and ________.;a. banking;practices;b. previous;mail-order purchases;c. previous;purchases;d. response to;mail-order catalogs;e. telemarketing;response;10. Once the target market is;defined, the marketer needs to obtain specific names. The company?s best prospects are customers who have bought;in the past. Additional names can be obtained by purchasing a list of names.;The better lists include overlays of;and ________ information;a. financial/buying;groups;b. demographic/financial;c. opinions/interests;d. demographic/attitudes;e. demographic/psychographic;11. One of the great advantages of direct marketing is the ability to;test, under real marketplace conditions, different elements of an offer;strategy. An example of an offer;strategy would be a(n) ________.;a. copy;platform;b. test market;c. list;d. consumer;response;e. order;12. Catalog shopping is big business, about ________ of Americans shop;from home using catalogs.;a. 90;percent;b. 60 percent;c. 50 percent;d. 45 percent;e. 71 percent;13. Call centers that receive;calls from customers are called ________.;a.;teleprospecting;b. telesales;c. telecoverage;d. outbound;telemarketing;e. inbound;telemarketing;14. Call centers that initiate calls to prospects and customers are;called _________.;a.;teleprospecting;b. telesales;c. telecoverage;d. outbound;telemarketing;e. inbound;telemarketing;15. Companies;conduct four types of telemarketing. These four types are: customer services;and technical support, teleprospecting, telesales, and ________.;a. telemarketing;b. telecoverage;c. direct;response;d. outbound;calling;e. none of the;above;16. Other;media for direct-response marketing includes television. Television is used by;direct marketers in conducting or producing ?infomercials,? videotext and;interactive TV, and ________.;a. ad;campaigns;b. direct;response;c. at-home;shopping channels;d. commercials;e. kiosks;17. The;exchange process in the age of information has become increasingly;customer-initiated and ________.;a. market;specific;b. customer-controlled;c. marketer-orientated;d. private;e. marketer-controlled;18. The Internet provides;marketers and consumers with opportunities for much greater interaction and ________.;a. ease;of use;b. speed;c. specificity;d. convenience;e. individualization;19. One;of the benefits of interactive marketing is that it is highly accountable and;its ________ can be easily traced.;a. buyers;b. sales;c. effects;d. sellers;e. costs;20. All companies need to;consider and evaluate e-marketing and e-purchasing opportunities. Visitors to a;Web site will judge its performance on its ease of use and its physical;attractiveness. Ease-of-use breaks;down into three attributes: the Web site downloads quickly, the first page is;easy to understand, and ________.;a.;the Web site interacts with the visitor in some manner;b. the visitor;finds it easy to order;c. the visitor;finds it easy to navigate to other pages that open quickly;d. the visitor;can easily see the product selected;e. the visitor;is entertained;21. For a Web site, physical;attractiveness is determined by three factors. These are: good use of color and;sound, b) pages are clean and not overly;crammed, and ________.;a.;the site has ease of navigation;b. use of;quickly loading pages;c. use of;attractive colors and music;d. the site has;plenty of color photos;e. the;typefaces and fonts are very readable;22. The definition of ?banner ads? is ________.;a. large;ads shown on the screen for complementary;products;b. ads;that appear in the user?s e-mail;c. ads;that the user ?clicks? to see;d. small;rectangular boxes containing text and perhaps;a picture;e. ads;that ?pop up? on the users screen from time to time;23. A ________ is;a limited area on the Web managed and paid for by an external advertisers/company.;a. related;ad;b. pop-up;ad;c. banner ad;d. microsite;e. interstitials;24. In the world of the Internet, the hottest growth area right;now is in the area of search terms. Search terms are a proxy for the consumer?s;consumption interests and relevant;links to product or service;offerings are listed along side the search results. These ads are called ________.;a. search-related;ads;b. pop-up ads;c. interstitials;d. content;advertising;e. none of the;above;25. An important guideline to be followed in conducting an;e-mail campaign (to do it right) is;to ________.;a. personalize;the e-mail with the subscribers first and last name;b. make the;consumer the same offering as in your direct-mail campaign;c. make it;difficult for the consumer to ?unsubscribe? from your list;d. update your;e-mail lists once or twice a year;e. offer;something the customer could not get via direct mail;26. The original;and oldest form of direct marketing is the ________.;a. billboards;b. Internet;commerce;c. direct;mail;d. telephone;sales;e. field;sales calls;27. Nearly ________ of the total workforce work full-time in sales;occupations.;a. 12 percent;b. 20 percent;c. 30 percent;d. 5 percent;e. 2 percent;28. The term ?sales representative?;covers a broad range of positions. A ________ is an individual whose major task;is the delivery of a product.;a. order taker;b. demand;creator;c. technician;d. deliverer;e. missionary;29. The term ?sales;representative? covers a broad range of positions. We call a sales;representative whose expertise is in the solving of a customer?s problem a ________.;a. order taker;b. missionary;c. technician;d. solution;vendor;e. demand;creator;30. The sales force performs a;number of specific tasks.;is conducting market research and doing intelligence work.;a. Servicing;b. Communicating;c. Targeting;d. Prospecting;e. Information;gathering;31. Most companies;today are moving to the concept of a;?leveraged sales force? which is defined as ________.;a. using;overseas inbound sales centers and a direct sales force;b. using a;combination of telemarketers and the Web for ordering;c. using a;combination of inside salespeople and telemarketers;d. using a;direct sales force, a representative sales force, and inside salespeople;e. using a;combination of sales force, inside salespeople, and through the Web;ordering;32. A;consists of full- or part-time paid employees;who work exclusively for the company.;a. independent;contractors;b. agents;c. brokers;d. direct sales;force;e. manufacturer;representatives;33. To attract;top-quality sales reps a company must develop an attractive compensation program. The four components of sales force compensation;includes ________.;a. variable amount (bonuses);b. fixed amount;(salary;c. expense allowances;d. benefits;e. all of the above;34. ________ compensation receives more;emphasis in jobs with a high ratio;of nonselling to selling duties and in jobs where the selling task is;technically complex and involves;team work;a. Commission;b. Estimated;c. Combination;d. Variable;e. Fixed;35. ________ compensation receives more;emphasis in jobs where sales are;cyclical or depend on individual initiative.;a. Variable;b. Fixed;c. Commission;d. Ratio;e. None of the;above;36. At the heart of a successful sales force is the selection of;effective representatives. One survey revealed that the top 27 percent of the;sales force brought in ________ of all sales.;a. 60;percent;b. 20;percent;c. 80;percent;d. 52 percent;e. 45;percent;37. The average sales person;turnover rate for all industries almost;a. 60;percent;b. 20;percent;c. 80;percent;d. 52 percent;e. 45;percent;38. Today?s;customers expect a salesperson have deep product knowledge, to be efficient and;reliable and, to ________ ideas to improve;the customer?s operations, are forcing companies;to make higher investments in training.;a. add;b. listen to new;c. promote;new;d. foster new;e. none of the above;39. Training of salespeople vary;by industry and the complexity of;the products. For example, the;medium training period is ________ in industrial-products companies versus four for consumer-products companies.;a. 30 weeks;b. 8 weeks;c. 10 weeks;d. 28 weeks;e. 12 weeks;40. Studies have shown that the;best salespeople are those who manage their time efficiently. Face-to-face;selling time has decreased to as little as ________ of total working time.;a. 29 percent;b. 45 percent;c. 10 percent;d. 60 percent;e. none of th;41. Inside salespeople are of three types. These include the technical;support people, the sales assistants, and the _________ who use the phone to;find new leads and pass these leads onto the sales representatives.;a. marketing;assistants;b. office;assistants;c. telemarketers;d. support;people;e. sales;assistants;42. The majority of sales representatives;require encouragement and special incentives. To increase motivation, marketers reinforce intrinsic and;rewards of all types.;a. extrinsic;b. external;c. personal;d. financial;e. none of the;above;43. Many companies;set annual sales quotas. Quotas can be set on dollar sales, selling effort or;activity, margin, product type, and ________.;a. attendance;b. close ratio;c. call ratio;d. unit volume;e. selling;price;44. A downside of;sales quotas is that they ________ reps;to get as much business as possible often at the expense of customer;satisfaction.;a. drive;b. allow;c. ignore;d. compensate;e. none of the;above;45. The most important;source of information about reps is;sales reports. Sales reports are divided between activity plans and ________.;a. call reports;b. written;objectives;c. daily plans;of action;d. activity;reports;e. write-ups of activity results;46. Many companies require;representatives to develop an annual territory-marketing plan in which they;outline their program for increasing business in the existing accounts. Sales;managers use these to develop ________.;a. performance;standards;b. company objectives;c. sales quotas;d. sales;objectives;e. estimate the;number of salespeople needed;47. The sales;force?s reports along with other observations supply the raw material for;evaluation. One type of evaluation compares;past performance to ________.;a. mean;performance;b. manager?s;performance;c. current;performance;d. group performance;e. key;individual?s performance;48. Performance evaluations can;also assess the salesperson?s knowledge of the company;products, customers, territory, responsibilities, and ________.;a. customers;b. managers;c. competitors;d. colleagues;e. markets;49. Effective salespeople have more;than instinct, they are trained in methods of ________ and ________.;a. profitability/analysis;b. analysis/customer management;c. customer management/time;management;d. pricing/time management;e. time/territory management;50. The first step in the process of selling is to find ________.;a. prospects;b. preapproach;c. approach;d.;presentation;e. closing;51. If the salesperson is learning about the prospect and sets call;objectives to qualify the prospect, the salesperson is in what step in the;selling process?;a. Preapproach;b. Prospects;c. Presentation;d. Closing;e. Follow-up;52.In this step, the;salesperson is ?telling the story? of his product or service.;a. Preapproach;b. Prospects;c. Presentation;d. Closing;e. Follow-up


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