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Question;Multiple Choice;1.;The most commercially influential demographic group in;history is _____.;a. generation;X;b. baby;boomers;c. generation;Y;d. seniors;The current marketing environment has a tendency to turn;back the clock to simpler times. What;has this yearning produced?;a. massive;nostalgia wave;b. massive;nutrition wave;c. massive;exercise wave;d. massive;music wave;2.;is perhaps the company that has been most;successful in riding the nostalgia wave.;a. Capital;Records;b. Ovaltine;c. Volkswagen;d. Levi;Strauss;3.;Most trend analysts believe that the nostalgia;craze/wave will _____ as the baby boomers continue to mature.;a. decline;b. slow;c. disappear;d. grow;4.;Jamie Bestowitcz is researching the factors and forces;outside marketing that affect marketing management?s ability to build and;maintain successful relationships with target customers. What is Jamie researching?;a. the;marketing environment;b. strategic;planning;c. target;markets;d. none;of the above;5.;More than any other group in the company, marketers;must be the _____ and _____.;a. mass;merchandisers, opportunity seekers;b. trend;trackers, mass merchandisers;c. most;skilled, trend trackers;d. trend;trackers, opportunity seekers;6.;You are directed to study the factors that are close to;the company that affect its ability to serve its customers ? the company;suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors, and;publics. What are you studying?;a. the;macroenvironment;b. the;microenvironment;c. the;marketing environment;d. the;global environment;7.;You are directed to study the factors that are larger;societal forces that affect your company ? demographic, economic, natural;technological, political, and cultural.;What are you studying?;a. the;macroenvironment;b. the;microenvironment;c. the;marketing environment;d. the;global environment;8.;All of the groups within a company are called the;a. culture;b. diversity;c. internal;environment;d. climate;9.;Which of the following do suppliers not provide;marketers within your firm?;a. resources;to produce products and services;b. insight;into trends and competitors;c. partners;in creating and delivering customer value;d. the;funding for your paychecks;10. LandPort;Transportation and Omega Warehousing help distribute the goods your company;sells. The two businesses are examples;of _____.;a. resellers;b. marketing;services agencies;c. marketing;intermediaries;d. physical;distribution firms;11. These;firms help companies to stock and move goods from their points of origin to;their destinations.;a. financial;intermediaries;b. physical;distribution firms;c. marketing;service firms;d. resellers;12. Banks;credit companies, insurance companies, and other businesses that help finance;transactions or insure against the risks associated with the buying and selling;of goods and services are referred to as _____.;a. financial;intermediaries;b. physical;distribution firms;c. marketing;service firms;d. resellers;13. Currently;you are employed by a firm that conducts marketing research and creates ads for;other companies that help them target and promote their products to the right;markets. For whom are you employed?;a. financial;intermediary;b. physical;distribution firm;c. marketing;service firm;d. reseller;14. Percy;Originals caters to a market of individuals and households that buys goods and;services for personal consumption. What;do we call this market?;a. business;b. reseller;c. government;d. consumer;15. Name;the market that buys goods and services for further processing or for use in;the production process.;a. business;b. reseller;c. wholesale;d. consumer;16. Rachel;Patino works for a wholesale company called Distributors Unlimited. She is responsible for buying and selling;goods at a profit to small retailers.;What is her market?;a. business;b. reseller;c. wholesale;d. consumer;17. A;company?s marketing environment includes various _____, which consists of any;group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on an organization?s;ability to achieve its objectives.;a. teams;b. audiences;c. markets;d. publics;18. This;type of public is a radio station that carries news, features, and editorial;opinions about your area. What is it?;a. financial;b. media;c. citizen-action;d. local;19. A;consumer organization, environmental group, and minority group have challenged;your firm?s stand on a local issue. This;is the _____ public.;a. general;b. local;c. government;d. citizen-action;20. Your;marketing environment is currently researching the size, density, location;age, and occupations of your target market.;What is this environment?;a. demographic;b. psychographic;c. VALS;d. geographic;21. Statisticians;have projected the world?s population to reach _____ billion by the year 2025.;a. 6.5;b. 6.9;c. 7.5;d. 7.9;22. The;three largest age groups in America are the baby boomers, generation X, and;a. seniors;b. generation;Y;c. teens;d. toddlers;23. You;distribute coupons to every household in America. Sooner or later, you will reach all;million people in this country.;a. 267;b. 277;c. 287;d. 297;24. Research;has shown that the most important demographic trend in the United States is the;a. changing;age structure of the population;b. mobility;of people;c. slowing;birth rate;d. increase;in professional jobs;25. Some;baby boomers are referred to as ?DINKs.?;What does this stand for?;a. dependable;income, no-kids couple;b. don?t;work, intelligent, no-kicks;c. dual-income;no-kids couple;d. none;of the above;26. Baby;boomers were born between the years 1946 and _____.;a. 1954;b. 1960;c. 1964;d. 1970;27. This;demographic age group is approaching life with a new stability and;reasonableness in the way they live, think, eat, and spend. They are _____.;a. generation;X;b. generation;Y;c. baby;busters;d. baby;boomers;28. Which;group buys a lot of sweaters, boots, electronics, cars, and computers?;a. generation;X;b. generation;Y;c. baby;boomers;d. all;of the above;29. This;group shares new cultural concerns, cares about the environment, and responds;favorably to socially responsible companies.;Who are they?;a. generation;X;b. generation;Y;c. generation;Z;d. baby;boomers;30. Who;are the echo boomers?;a. generation;X;b. generation;Y;c. generation;Z;d. baby;boomers;31. This;group has created large kid and teen markets.;Who are they?;a. generation;X;b. generation;Y;c. generation;Z;d. baby;boomers;32. Recently;you read a marketing research report that mentioned ____ has (have) utter;fluency and comfort with computer, digital, and Internet technology.;a. generation;X;b. generation;Y;c. generation;Z;d. baby;boomers;33. Defining;people by their birth date may be less effective than segmenting them by their;or ____.;a. income;occupation;b. lifestyle;occupation;c. lifestyle;life stage;d. occupation;life stage;34. It;is interesting to note that about _____ percent of American households contain;married couples with children.;a. 24;b. 28;c. 32;d. 34;35. The;three groups of baby boomers include leading, _____, and trailing.;a. core;b. general;c. secondary;d. central;36.;households are now growing faster than _____ households.;a. Traditional;nontraditional;b. Large;traditional;c. Nontraditional;smaller;d. Nontraditional;traditional;37. In;1950, women made up 30 percent of the workforce, now they make up _____.;a. 35;percent;b. 40;percent;c. 43;percent;d. 46;percent;38. Americans;are very mobile. Over the past two;decades, the U.S. population has shifted toward the _____ states.;a. Midwest;b. western;c. sunbelt;d. southeastern;39. Within;given regions, the population is moving from large cities to the _____.;a. smaller;cities;b. rural;areas;c. foreign;countries;d. suburbs;40. Nearly;40 million Americans are working out of their homes with electronic;conveniences. They are called the;market.;a. telecommuters;b. SOHO;c. mobile;d. work-at-home;41. Population;shifts interest marketers because people in different regions;differently.;a. eat;b. think;c. buy;d. act;42. Facts;For You research firm has just released a report that one of these groups of;workers has declined during the last 20 years.;Which one is it?;a. white;collar;b. blue;collar;c. service;d. unemployed;43. Marketers;need to know that almost everyone in this country is a native. Which country is it?;a. China;b. Bolivia;c. Japan;d. Korea;44. Because;of increased _____, Americans will demand higher quality products, books;magazines, travel, personal computers, and Internet services.;a. income;b. family;size;c. education;d. none;of the above;45. It;is important for marketers to know that the _____ population growth is 12 times;greater than the Caucasian growth rate.;a. Hispanic;b. Ethnic;c. Asian;d. African;American;46. Most;large companies know they must now target specially designed _____ and _____ to;ethnic groups in the United States.;a. advertising;services;b. services;promotions;c. products;promotions;d. services;labeling;47. Members;of this group are more likely than the general population to have professional;jobs, own a vacation home, own a notebook computer, and own individual stocks.;a. yuppies;b. gays;and lesbians;c. baby;boomers;d. echo;boomers;48. This;group of Americans totals 54 million.;Who are they?;a. baby;boomers;b. people;born in America;c. people;with disabilities;49. Which;economic group offers few market opportunities?;a. subsistence;b. second-world;c. industrial;d. industrial-technical;50. The;environment consists of factors that affect consumer purchasing power and;spending patterns.;a. social-cultural;b. political-legal;c. technological;d. economic;51. During;the 1980s, American consumers fell into a(n) _____ frenzy that may never be;equaled again in our time.;a. debt;b. consumption;c. unemployment;d. spending;52. Marketers;would do well to take heed of the fact that this group is somewhat careful about;its spending but can still afford the good life some of the time.;a. Lower;class;b. lower-middle;class;c. middle;class;d. upper;class;53. Since;money is tight for most Americans, marketers must strike a balance between;product quality and price called _____.;a. value;marketing;b. lifestyle;marketing;c. income;distribution marketing;d. satisfaction;marketing;54. Find;the group of expenses that use up most household income.;a. food;housing, retirement planning;b. housing;insurance, taxes;c. food;housing, transportation;d. housing;taxes, transportation;55. Ernst;Engel?s laws generally have been supported by recent studies. He discovered that as family income rises;the percentage spent on _____ declines and the percentage spent on;remains about constant.;a. food, clothing;b. clothing, recreation/entertainment;c. food;transportation;d. food;housing;56. One;of the major concerns for marketers about the natural environment is the _____.;a. number;of protestors against misuse;b. shortages;of raw materials;c. increases;in recycling;57. The;natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected;by marketing activities are referred to as the _____.;a. raw;material market;b. natural;environment;c. endangered;environment;d. green;movement;58. As;a marketer of pesticides, you should be concerned about all of the following;natural environment trends mentioned in your text except _____.;a. shortages;of raw materials;b. increased;pollution;c. increased;government intervention;d. d;government subsidies;59. What;movement has spawned the marketer?s awareness of environmentally sustainable strategies?;a. EPA;b. black;market;c. green;movement;d. deregulation;60. Can;you find the most likely dramatic force shaping the marketer?s destiny?;a. technological;environment;b. natural;environment;c. legal-political;environment;d. deregulation;61. New;technologies create new opportunities and new _____.;a. products;b. services;c. markets;d. means;of financing purchases;62. This;country leads the world in research and development spending. This aids marketers in developing new;products for market segments.;a. England;b. Germany;c. Brazil;d. United;States;63. Marketers;are aware of laws, government agencies, and pressure groups that influence or;limit various organizations and individuals in a given society. We call this the _____ environment.;a. social-legal;b. legal-cultural;c. political;d. legal-technological;64. Even;the most liberal advocates of free-market economies agree that the system works;best with _____.;a. medium;regulation;b. maximum;regulation;c. occasional;regulation;d. at;least some regulation;65. As;marketing manager for Laser Industries, you should be aware that legislation;affecting business around the world will continue to _____.;a. exist;b. increase;c. remain;steady;d. decrease;66. Business;legislation has been created for three basic reasons: to protect companies from;each other, to protect consumers, and to _____.;a. protect;the interests of society;b. regulate;prices;c. increase;world trade;d. regulate;monopolies;67. The;reason business regulation exists to protect the interests of society is to;limit _____.;a. businesses;from harming each other;b. unfair;business practices;c. unrestrained;business behavior;d. monopolistic;competition;68. International;marketers will encounter the most business legislation in what country?;a. Canada;b. Russia;c. China;d. United;States;69. Marketers;will encounter legislation to regulate business activity in the United States;at which of these levels?;a. local;and state;b. national;c. international;d. all;of the above;70. The;recent rash of business scandals and increased concerns about the environment;have created fresh interest in the issues of _____ and _____.;a. ethics;promotion responsibility;b. ethics;social responsibility;c. finances;employee discrimination;d. management;ethics, insider trading;71. The;primary concern with the boom in e-commerce and Internet marketing is _____.;a. pornography;b. ripoffs;c. privacy;d. ethics;72. A;society?s basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors are found in;its _____ environment.;a. social;b. cultural;c. social-cultural;d. cultural-economic;73. Marketers;must understand that a society?s core beliefs and values have a high degree of;a. persistence;b. rigidity;c. similarity;d. ethnocentrism;74. Your;company is making negotiations to enter basic markets in Lower Albania. You have discovered that _____ beliefs and;values are more open to change in this country.;a. simple;b. secondary;c. primary;d. core;75. The;Yankelovich model maintains that the decade drives for the 2000s will come;primarily from the _____ and the _____.;a. echo;boomers, baby boomers;b. generation;Xers, generation Yers;c. baby;boomers, generation Xers;d. none;of the above;76. During;the 2000s, baby boomers will be driven by all of the following except one.;a. adventure;b. smarts;c. intergenerational;support;d. retreating;77. During;the 2000s, gen Xers will be driven by which of the following factors?;a. redefining;the good life;b. new;rituals;c. cutting;and pasting;d. all;of the above;78. As;contrasted with the ?me? society during the 1980s, the new consumers are;adopting more _____ behaviors and ambitions.;a. family;b. conservative;c. liberal;d. middle-of-the;road;79. Studies;suggest a bright future for products and services that serve _____ needs and;provide real _____.;a. emotional;excitement;b. basic;wants;c. basic;value;d. existing;value;80. Marketers;have noticed a shift away from the ?me? society to the ?_____? society.;a. them;b. we;c. new;d. future;81. Today?s;employees tend to be less loyal to and more _____ of employers.;a. trustful;b. respectful;c. ashamed;d. distrustful;82. Since;September 11, many marketers have taken advantage of increased _____ in;Americans.;a. loyalty;b. patriotism;c. distrust;d. foreign;intolerance;83. People?s;orientation to their society influences their attitudes toward the marketplace;and their consumption _____.;a. desires;b. needs;c. patterns;d. wants;84. Marketers;have observed from research that consumers are involved in more camping;hiking, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities because of their _____.;a. love;of nature;b. awareness;of nature;c. need;for exercise;d. none;of the above;85. Consumers?;love of nature has led to a $25 billion industry supplying _____ and;products to a growing market.;a. natural;low-priced;b. organic;healthy;c. natural;organic;d. organic;weight-loss;86. Some;experts explain that Americans are concerned with the meaning of life and issues;of the soul and spirit and are on a _____ journey that marketers need to;envision.;a. religious;b. philosophical;c. eternal;d. spiritual;87. Individuals;are bringing their spiritual awareness to the _____ they buy.;a. products;b. styles;c. brands;d. benefits;88. Marketers;can take _____ by taking aggressive action to affect the publics and forces in;their marketing environments.;a. an;environmental perspective;b. an;environmental management perspective;c. a;natural perspective;d. a;natural management perspective;89. Firms;that take an environmental management perspective will hire ____ to influence;legislation affecting their industries to their advantage.;a. mediators;b. lobbyists;c. negotiators;d. (politicians;True ? False;90. Baby;boomers comprise the most commercially influential demographic group in history.;(True;91. The;yearning caused by ?millennial fever? is a greater desire for advanced;electronic technology.;92. Today?s;marketers must be good at customer relationship management and partner;relationship management in order to connect effectively with customers, others;in the company, and external partners.;93. When;your marketing manager, Suzie Kwan, discussed factors and forces outside;marketing that affect marketing management?s ability to build and maintain;successful relationships with target customers, you knew that she was talking;about the external marketing concept.;94. Boz;Foster, owner of the 21-store chain of Boz Cycles, explained to the store;managers at a recent sales meeting that marketers, more than any other group in;the company, must be the trend trackers and opportunity seekers. You believe this to be a true statement.;95. The;microenvironment consists of the larger societal forces that affect the;microenvironment, such as demographic, economic, political, and cultural.;96. The;macroenvironment consists of the factors close to the company that affect its;ability to service its customers, such as suppliers, customer markets;competitors, and publics.;97. Your;accounting department must measure revenues and costs to help the marketing;department know how well it is achieving its objectives.;98. Trudie;Jones works for a firm that is a distribution channel member that helps the;company find customers or make sales to them.;Trudie works for a reseller.;99. Marketing;research firms, advertising agencies, media firms, and marketing consulting;firms are referred to as marketing services agencies.;As an employee of Bonkers;Enterprises, you market wild and crazy games for teens to play at parties. You work in the business market.;100. Today?s;marketers recognize the importance of working with their intermediaries as;channels through which they sell their products rather than as mere partners.;101. No;single competitive marketing strategy is best for all companies.;102. Consumer;organizations such as environmental and minority groups may question a;company?s marketing decisions. This type;of public is called the local public.;103. The;reason the demographic environment is of major interest to marketers is because;it involves people, and people make up markets.;(If the world were reduced to a village of 1,000 people, the;cross-representative sample would include 52 North Americans, 64 people who;would speak Spanish, and 329 Christians, and half would be immunized against;infections.;104. The;single most important demographic trend in the United States that marketers;should understand is the changing family structure.;105. It is;important to note that as baby boomers reach their peak earning and spending;years, they become markets for high-ticket items.;106. Gen;Yers buy a lot of products including cosmetics, cars, fast food, sweaters;boots, electronics, mountain bikes, and computers.;107. By;the year 2010, the Gen Xers will take over the baby boomers as a primary market;for almost every product category.;108. Marketers;must increasingly consider the special needs of nontraditional households;because they are now growing more rapidly than traditional households.;109. A;reason that chain stores and franchise restaurants have done well in the United;States is because the 21 percent of the population that is mobile can buy;familiar products wherever they go.;110. The;American workforce today is better educated and more white collar.;111. We;can learn from the advertising and promotion campaigns of most large companies;that emphasizing community and family is important.;112. Companies;in several industries are now waking up to the needs and potential of the gay;and lesbian segment.;113. The;gay and lesbian market represents 54 million people and almost $1 trillion in;annual spending power. It is larger than;African Americans or Hispanics.;114. Marketers;realize there is some, though limited, opportunity in this economy that;consumes most of their own agricultural and industrial output. It is called a third world country.;115. The;marketing department at U.S. FoodStores just released a report that most;household income is used up in purchasing food, housing, and transportation.;116. The;significant trends in the natural environment include shortages of raw;materials, increased pollution, and decreased government intervention.;117. Significant;reasons for business legislation to be enacted include protecting the interests;of society, protecting consumers, and protecting companies from each other.;118. The;difference in the cultural environment between core values/beliefs and;secondary ones is that the former are more open to change.;119. When;firms take aggressive action to affect the publics and forces in their;marketing environment, they are taking an environmental management perspective.;Essay;120. Provide;an overview of what marketers will face during the new millennium.;121. Who;are the major players in a company?s microenvironment?;122. What;goes into a company?s macroenvironment?;123. Describe;important factors in the marketing environment..;124. Differentiate;between the basic marketing intermediaries.;125. Distinguish;among the five types of customer markets.;126. What;can marketers learn from demography?;127. Who;are the five major submarkets in the United States? What is the major significance of the;markets?;128. What;steps is the government taking to regulate the political environment?


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