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Question;quiz7The well-known Nike ?swoosh? is an example of a:Select one:a. quality mark.b. product line.c. brand name.d. brand mark.e. manufacturer?s brand.Question 2Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textWhich of the following statements describes an advantage to retailers associated with developing their own brands?Select one:a. Dealers must market the brand, thus cutting into the gross margin.b. Higher profit margins are available on private brands.c. Private brands, particularly those owned by discounters, are perceived to be of a higher quality.d. Dealers often buy in large quantities and thus always have a ready supply.e. Private brands are normally delivered more promptly by the manufacturer.Question 3Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textA consumer who consistently and repeatedly purchases the same brand is said to have:Select one:a. brand loyaltyb. product equityc. product loyaltyd. product repetitione. store loyaltyQuestion 4Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textEvery three months or so, Stanley cleans the lint out of the long vent to his clothes dryer. It is a messy job that Stanley hates. It is too bad that Stanley has never heard of the Casabella Bendable Dryer Vent Brush, a specially designed brush that would make his life a little easier. For Stanley, the dryer vent brush is a(n) _____ product because he doesn?t know the product exists.Select one:a. heterogeneous shoppingb. specialtyc. unsoughtd. conveniencee. exclusiveQuestion 5Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textAll of the following are benefits from organizing related items into product lines EXCEPT:Select one:a. package uniformity.b. varying quality.c. advertising economies.d. efficient sales and distribution.e. standardized components.Question 6Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textWhich of the following is NOT an example of a product?s tangible feature?Select one:a. Brand equityb. Packagingc. Colord. Optionse. SizeQuestion 7Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textProcter & Gamble manufactures Tide laundry detergent, the best-selling brand in the United States. But is also offers Tide to Go, which is a stick product consumers can use to clean a spot on their clothing between washings, and small travel packets of Tide detergent. These other products are part of Tide?s product line:Select one:a. width.b. breadth.c. mix.d. depth.e. synergy.Question 8Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textWhat is the best generator of repeat sales?Select one:a. Advertisingb. Sales promotionc. Brand equityd. Satisfied customerse. Global brandQuestion 9Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textChoice Homes, Inc.Choice Homes, Inc., based in Texas, built its reputation by building high-quality new homes, often at prices less than ?used? ones. Choice Homes used mass purchasing power, innovative high-tech communications among employees to coordinate the building process, and other entrepreneurial strategies to hold costs down. Its homes are primarily targeted at first-time homeowners-to-be in an effort to get people out of apartments so they can experience the ?American Dream? of home ownership for the same price as rent. Choice Homes later developed the ?Choice Classic? brand name for higher-end homes targeted at wealthier dual-income couples. The Choice Classic name was designed to capitalize on the reputation of Choice Homes, especially for current Choice home owners who are ready to ?move up? to a larger home. Recently, Choice Homes started a third line of homes called ?Reflections,? which are expensive, custom-designed homes located in exclusive, prestigious neighborhoods.Refer to Choice Homes, Inc. In a recent survey, Choice Homes? customers indicated that they thought their homes were of high quality, made lots of referrals to friends, and planned to buy a Choice Classic or Reflections home in the future. The customers? reactions indicate that Choice Homes has achieved:Select one:a. generic status.b. private brand status.c. brand equity.d. superficial skills.e. brand superiority.Question 10Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textHeinz is a leading global food manufacturer. It manufactures and markets Farleys (baby food), Jack Daniel?s sauces, and Weight Watcher?s diet/slimming meals and supplements. The use of these brand names instead of the Heinz name is an example of a(n) _____ branding strategy.Select one:a. individualb. synergisticc. umbrellad. familye. piggyback


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